The Two Turtle Doves

Their once lived two twins named Alana and Daisy. Alana wanted to be her own self and fly up into the sky and be free. Daisy always wanted to be by Alana's side and never let Alana out of sight. One day Alana found the turtle dove of her dreams but Daisy did not find one. Daisy was furious and wanted revenge. So that day, Daisy got a turtle dove that she found and asked Alana and her turtle dove if they would like to go out for dinner with Daisy and her turtle dove. Daisy said her and her turtle dove would love to. That night at 7:00pm they all met up for dinner and Alana's turtle dove proposed to her and Alana said that she would love to marry him. Daisy was furious and asked her turtle dove to marry her witch was the turtle dove that she didn't like but wanted to be the same Alana. The turtle dove said he was ok marrying Daisy. Daisy was not happy but wanted to be even with Alana. Alana was so happy she found the man of her dreams. And both of the twins lived liked this for the rest of their lives.

Moral- Dont be the follower in the sandbox.