All About the Buffalo Soldiers

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About the Buffalo soldiers

The black soldiers served their country after the civil war and during both wold wars, that lasted from 1866 to 1948. i n the late 19th century Native Americans began calling the African-American men, buffalo soldiers.Buffalo soldiers got the name from the plains Indians to the four regiments of African Americans, but more particularly to the two cavalry regiments, that had served on the frontier in the post-civil war army.
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History of Buffalo Soldiers
The Buffalo Soldiers had served on the western frontier they battled Indains and protecting settlers.Buffalo’s included two forces of all black cavalry also congress passed the legislation in 1866 that allowed African Americans to join the country’s regluar peacetime miltary.The Buffalo of the American west was basically a result of the history of the west. John bell he is an aficionado of western history, he participated in reenactments in Colorado and noticed a lack of buffalo soldiers.
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buffalo’s. the second reason was because their fierce, brave nature reminded people the way buffalos fought. the last reason is they wore thick coats made from buffalo hide during the winter time.Buffalo’s couldn’t really do anything that they wanted to because they had big jobs to do like they was often out on patrol for weeks at a time in a very depressed country.Training was harsh,and also prejudice and death was always right around the corner.
Bob Marley Buffalo Soldier
After their information in 1866 they looked for a location for a location for a fort southwest Indian Territory. this was done during the Indian war. at the end of the 1870's more people tried to sneak into Indian territory those people was called boomers also it was up to the buffalo soldiers to prevent them from getting there and also getting rid of the people already in Indian territory.
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Black soldiers earned an impressive record during years of difficult service in harsh conditions. the u.s army used black troops in combat and recognized their bravery. the fourteen black soldiers earned the medal of honor, and nine others earned the second highest military.