The Northeast Region

By: Mina, Colin, and Zachary

Land and water in the Northeast

The Northeast Region has lots of mountains and rocky land. Mount Washington is the highest peak in the Northeast Region and one of the windiest places on Earth.

In addition the Great Lakes and the Erie Canal are very important waterways to the Northeast Region.


Seafood is a popular food in the Northeas Region. Volleyball and basketball are popular sports in the Northeast. Over 2,million people came to the U.S and stayed in the Northeast.

Climate in the Northeast

In the Northeast there are long, cold, and snowy winters and hot summers. The Northeast is half way between the North Pole and the Equater. Living things in the Northeast have learned to adapt to the cold and the heat.
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Landmarks in the Northeast

The Statue of Liberty is a very important symbol of freedom. But that is only one. Here are some more. The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. Hershey Park is in Pennsylvania. The Supreme Court and The White House are in Washington D.C.

Products and Natural Resources

Natural resources you can find in the Northeast are granite,marble,coal,and lumber.Granite and coal are used to make buildings. Seafood is also a natural resource in the Northeast.

Cranberries, blueberries, and potatoes are also grown in the Northeast.

This is the end of our presentation and what we learned about the Northeast.

We hope you enjoyed it.