A story about mother Earth

Fire & Ice

A long long time ago, before Earth was created, there were two elements. That would soon create this world called home

One day the element fire got board and wanted to have some fun with cold. Ice didn't like to have fun. All she did is sit there and do nothing. To cheer Ice up, fire threw a fire inferno ball of flames at cold. Cold became enraged with cold and cold threw a gigantic icicle glacier at fire. For centuries this happened. It was a nasty war between Fire & Ice.

But until one faithful day the inferno ball smashed together with the icicle glacier. When they hit upon impact, they fused together and created a watery land mass. Right then and there a new element was born. Fire & Ice named it Life. They soon realized what they could do with this and created 3 more elements. Dry, abstracted, and normal. To this day if you listen very carefully you can here the sound Dry, abstracted, and normal laughing while they create new worlds. If you also look very closely you can see Fire & and Ice watching over us.