the middle colonies


  • there were four colonies :
  1. Pennsylvania
  2. New York
  3. New Jersey
  4. Delaware
  • these were the middle colonies


  • the people was working in in two jobs :
  1. farming :they work on the farm Harvest wheat , barley ,and rye these were cash crops that soled for money
  2. trading center : most settlers were working in trading center they were making money from sell spices, food ...etc


  • in middle colonies there was a religion freedom, many people were attracted by chance from all over Europe to practice at there religion freely .
  • most people were christian some people were protestants , Catholics,and others were Jews .


  • children Education were two kinds
  1. privet schools
  2. apprentice: some kids when they turn to 12-13 there parents want him to be trader learn about trad


  • in middle colonies the were have slaves they were working in trad center there Ratio in town is 25%.

political system

  • the goverment in middle colonies was set up that each colony developed its own goverment the goverment had much in common
  • governor directed the colony's affairs and en forced the law most governors were appointed either by king or by the colony's proprietor.
  • they had legislature : legislature is a group of people who have the power to make laws