Timeless Medieval Mini-Castle

Asking: $2,750,000

113 Acres of Pristine Swamp

The area surrounding the main castle is 113 acres of untouched swamp. The land is protected by the EPA.

For a very reasonable $2,750,000


The house has been in the Usher family for perhaps 250 hundred of years. The interior comes furnished with suits of armor, bookcases, all the necessities. Approx. 23,000 square feet of furnished interior space. The tarn surrounding the main castle is rich with slimy hagfish and snails. Dock included. The front entrance is reached via causeway over the moat. Disclaimer: The previous owner and his sister both died in the castle; there are suspicions of a possible haunting of the premiss. In addition, there is speculation that the foundation may have some minor structural issues but probably nothing to worry about.

This Mini-Castle Starred in the Book "The Fall of the House of Usher" By Edgar Allen Poe!!