change over time

What was the change?

They wanted religious reform to stop the corruption. The corruption was indulgences which is Priest were giving pardons for sins. This was because Priest were breaking vows by marrying and drinking. Also the were using the money the church was receiving on personal pleasure in addition they were pursuing worldly affairs. Martin Luther decided on the 95 theses which he put on the castle of the church.

The people associated with the change.

How did the change impact society at the time? (short effects)

The churches political power was challenged. Only faith and good works were needed for salvation thought of by Martin Luther. It started getting hard for the Pope or the emperor to impose central authority. In addition merchants resented paying church taxes to Rome. Therefor, the pope excommunicated Luther to try an stop the spread of the theses.

How is that change seen in today's modern society?(long term effects)

The changes seen in todays society are schools that were founded to start education. They convert non-Christians to Catholicism. Also that the bible and church were equally powerful no one has more power than the other

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