in Onondaga Lake Logan #64 jasper #55

What are Mudboils?

There like volcano its made of fine sand and silt from several inches to several feet high. They are currently polluting Onondaga creek that's running into Onondaga lake. 1991 the Onondaga lake management Cononference identfied the Tully valley mudboil.

How do Mudboils Pollute Onondaga lake?

Onondaga Lake has two natural tributaries that contribute approximately 70% of the total water flow to the lake. These tributaries are:Ninemile Creek and Onondaga Creek. The Metropolitan Syracuse Wastewater Treatment Plant (METRO) contributes 20% of the annual flow.[3][6] No other lake in the United States receives as much of its inflow as treated wastewater.[7] The other tributaries, which include Ley Creek, Bloody Brook, Harbor Brook, Sawmill Creek, Tributary 5A, and East Flume, contribute the remaining 10% of water flow into the lake.[3][6] The tributaries flush the lake out about four times a year.[5] Onondaga Lake is flushed much more rapidly than most other lakes.[6] The lake flows to the northwest[8] and discharges into Seneca River which combines with the Oneida River to form the Oswego River, and ultimately ends up in Lake Ontario.[2]
Tully Valley Mudboil

My Personal Experience

In my personal experience with the mudboils was cooler than i expected. like i didn't think that i would sink so slowly. but 5 minutes later i was ankle deep in mud.