japan eathquake and tsunami

on march 11 2011

japan is still recovering

over 230,000 have lost there homes the tsunami level 7 nuclear meltdown after the tsunami. Radioactive water was recently discovered leaking from the fukushim daiichi nucler plant. the total damages from the earthquake and tsunami are estimated at $300 billion dollars (about 25 trillion yen), according to the Japanese government.

Early warning

tokyo had reysivd a one mimtty warning


there have been 15,891 deaths as of april the 10 2015 Most people died by drowning. More than 2,500 people are still reported missing


  • The earthquake shifted Earth on its axis of rotation by redistributing mass, like putting a dent in a spinning top. The temblor also shortened the length of a day by about a microsecond.
  • More than 5,000 aftershocks hit Japan in the year after the earthquake, the largest a magnitude 7.9.