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September 14, 2021

Sharing the latest news and information from the Oroville Union High School District.

Upcoming Meetings/Events

September 15: Agenda

  • Locations: In-person at the Transportation Department (2139 Washington Avenue, Oroville) and YouTube

COVID-19 Update

Note: This COVID-19 update was emailed to families and posted on our website on September 9th.

As we begin to complete the first full month of school, I would like to share with our community an update on how COVID-19 is impacting our district community. Like many other school districts, we are challenged with a substitute teacher shortage, and the increase in COVID-19 cases in our community has resulted in our teachers needing to stay home with their own COVID-19 positive family members, or quarantine due to a positive exposure. In addition to this, the number of students who are testing positive for COVID-19 is increasing each day, requiring students to quarantine at home, and if unvaccinated, quarantine if they have had a close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual.

Because of these circumstances, instead of having each of the quarantined students work with their teachers individually on obtaining missed assignments--which can be a time-consuming process, resulting in unnecessary delays--we are asking our teachers to put assignments in Google Classroom so that students in quarantine can access their assignments. This will allow for continuity of learning so that students do not fall behind. Therefore, if your student is quarantined, please have them check Google Classroom each day for their assignments and to turn in their assignments.

Next, the increased COVID-19 cases and the recent closure of a middle school is beginning to raise questions about whether our schools will be shutting down, and what will happen if we need to close a school.

I want to emphasize that in addition to keeping students and staff healthy and safe, keeping schools open is our top priority. This also needs to be our community’s priority, because this cannot happen due to sheer will. Keeping schools open can only occur if, together, we can keep COVID-19 case rates down through wearing a mask, hand washing, staying home if exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19, and getting vaccinated. If eligible family members also get vaccinated, that will further prevent the spread of COVID-19 to students in your household. Please review our COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions if you need additional information about what to do if your student is COVID-19 positive or if they have a close contact with someone who is.

It is important for you to notify your school immediately if your student has tested positive for COVID, has been exposed to someone who has tested positive, and to keep them home from school if they are feeling ill. The school will report the case or exposure to our school nurse, who will then start contact tracing. It is imperative that you provide accurate information to the nurse in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in other students needing to be quarantined for a longer period of time.

The primary factor that will play into the consideration of school closure is whether there is significant absenteeism of students and/or staff to warrant that closure. And, if there is a local closure of any of our schools, the duration will likely be brief.

In the event of a school closure, the following steps will occur:

  • You will be notified officially from the district office via ParentSquare. Please don’t rely on rumors, social media posts outside of the district’s social media, or even speculation.
  • We will ensure that all students will have a Chromebook and hotspot, if they need one.
  • Instruction will occur online during the same hours that school is scheduled.
  • Students will access assignments via Google classroom.
  • Food services will provide curbside pickup.
  • Additional detailed information will be provided in the event of a school closure.

Also, if you are eligible, please apply to be a part of our substitute teacher pool. We have a large need for substitute teachers, and this will also help us keep our schools open when our teachers need to quarantine or stay home with family members who are quarantining. You can apply at: edjoin.org/OUHSD. The pay is $150/day short-term, $175/day long-term (21st day in the same classroom).

We love seeing our students on campus and learning in the classroom. High school is an incredible time of social and intellectual growth for students, and we want to maximize every opportunity for students to thrive on campus. This is the reason why, as educators, we chose this career, and what drives us to continue to serve our students each day. Please help us keep our schools open by keeping ourselves and our students healthy and bring down the rate of COVID-19 in our community.

"Devious Licks" Social Media Trend

We are alerting you to a new trend on social media called “Devious Licks.” This trend involves encouraging teens to “lick” or steal items from school, whether these items are soap dispensers, teacher’s keys, urinals, or more, including school buses, and then posting about the stolen item on social media with the hashtag, #deviouslicks. Already, we have had a drinking fountain torn out of a wall, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage, as well as the theft of soap dispensers and signage.

In response to this, we are increasing surveillance of our campuses and are currently reviewing camera footage. This is a very serious offense, and if a student is found to be stealing, being in possession of stolen items, or damaging school property (which also includes people’s personal belongings), the Oroville Union High School District will:

  • Take the appropriate disciplinary action.

  • File charges, Per Penal Code 484, stolen property valued at $950 or more is a felony.

  • Remove the student’s privileges for the remainder of the school year, including participation in athletics or other extracurricular activities, attending athletic games, dances, and graduation activities.

  • Seek reimbursement for the stolen and damaged items from the student or their family.

Students may return stolen property that did not cause damage to a wall or other surface to a Campus Supervisor/Universal by 3:15 p.m. this Friday, September 17th, to avoid disciplinary action or loss of their privileges.

Please talk with your student about the serious consequences of participating in this trend, or participating in any other activity that involves stealing or damaging school property. We also encourage monitoring of students’ social media activity, as these types of social media challenges tend to involve risky behaviors of which students do not typically realize the serious consequences or threat to the safety of our schools and community until it’s too late.

Thank you for your assistance in helping to put a stop to this activity in our community.

October 15th is the end of the first quarter

In about a month, students will complete their first quarter of school. If you haven't logged into the Aeries parent portal, please take a moment to do so. You can review your students' grades and attendance, and use the time in the weeks ahead to contact their teachers or counselor if you have any questions, or if your student needs additional help.

Aeries Parent Portal Link

Aeries Parent Portal Log In Tutorial
Aeries Registration Tutorial

News & Updates

Meet our New Staff

We hired over 40 new staff members this summer, which also includes some of our existing staff taking on new roles. Please follow us on Facebook (OrovilleUHSD) and Instagram (@OUHSD) to read about our newest staff members and to keep up on the latest news! We post new information daily. View the video below to meet 10 of our new employees. In our next newsletter, we'll feature 10 more!

Welcome OUHSD New Employees Video 09132021 Newsletter
Alt text for video:

Introducing more of our new OUHSD employees! Why did you choose OUHSD?

“I chose OUHSD because I love the staff and the community. It feels like a big family.”
Courtney Barnett, New Social Science Teacher, Oroville High School

“I chose OUHSD because I started as a substitute and loved working with the ladies. Now I get the pleasure of seeing all of the wonderful ladies at all 3 schools!” Tanya Allen, New Food Service Worker, Prospect High School

“As a Las Plumas High School graduate, I chose OUHSD because it gives me the opportunity to work at the school that I graduated from!” Amy Baird, New Counselor, Las Plumas High School

“I chose OUHSD because I enjoy working with our kids and helping them with their daily struggles.” David Butler, New Targeted Case Manager, Las Plumas High School

“I chose OUHSD because I live in the community and love it here!” Elizabeth Franks, New Math Teacher, Las Plumas High School

“I chose OUHSD because I wanted to help contribute to student learning and success.” Caitlyn Richter, New Para Educator, Prospect High School

Barbara is a new Food Service Worker at OHS. When she's not at work, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, working on her home and watching Netflix. Barbara Rodriguez, New Food Service Worker, Oroville High School

What's Happening in OUHSD

Athletics Round Up

Our schools’ athletic schedules can be found on their websites. Schedules are subject to change due to air quality and/or COVID-19 quarantines:

Las Plumas High School

Oroville High School

Big picture

Join the OUHSD Family!

Looking to find a fulfilling and meaningful job, or do you know someone who is?

We are actively hiring in a variety of positions that we want you to join. We seek individuals who reflect our student diversity, have a passion for excellence, a vision to inspire and positively impact others in their learning, and a love of community to see students grow as learners and citizens. Start your journey in joining the OUHSD community by applying for a position today.

In addition to offering competitive pay, the OUHSD also pays full health benefits for people working 6 hours/day.

Substitute Teachers
Administrative Secretary

School Psychologist

Special Education Teacher

Custodian (2.0 and 8.0 hrs/day)

CTE Graphic Design/Engineering teacher

Food Services Administrative Secretary (3.9 hrs/day)

Transportation Department Lead

Bus Driver Trainer (6 hrs/day)/Bus Driver (2 hrs/day)

Para-Educator I at Independent Study (6 hrs/day (x2)

Para-Educator I at LPHS (5.5 hrs/day (x2))

ATC Para-Educator (6.0 hrs/day (x4))

Bus Driver (4.5 - 6/0 hrs/day (x4) (Two elementary and two high school)

Courier (4.5 - 6.0 hrs/day (x2)

For more information and to apply go to: https://www.edjoin.org/ouhsd (Please check EdJoin regularly as new postings will be added as positions become available). If you have specific questions please contact Chello Metcalf at cmetcalf@ouhsd.net or (530) 538-2300, extension 1117.

COVID-19 Information & Dashboard

The district’s COVID-19 web page provides information and updates related to the OUHSD’s response to the pandemic and the OUHSD COVID-19 Dashboard, which will be updated weekly beginning with the first week of school: http://bit.ly/OUHSDCOVIDInfo


Oroville Union High School District prepares approximately 2,400 9-12 grade students for their futures through our two comprehensive high schools, continuation high school, community day school, and adult school in the greater Oroville community.

Our district is a close-knit community where every student and employee knows and cares for each other in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment. Through using upgraded technology, providing equitable educational opportunities for every student, and supporting academic and career technical educational options, we have a passion to ensure that each student will have a goal and be college- and career-ready, so that they are prepared for the workplace and an economically competitive society.