Sam Kanfoush and Hunter Barone

What were the different types?

Hieroglyphics were written and carved on many different types of paper and objects. For example, Hieroglyphics were carved and drawn on temples, tombs, furniture, papyrus and many more! There are also different forms of Hieroglyphics like Hieratic and Demotic. Hieratic is the cursive version of Hieroglyphics that only the pharoahs and the scribes knew what the symbols ment. Demotic is the Ancient Egyptian script of writing derived from northern terms of Hieratic writing. These words were called the "words of the Gods" because of the Egyptian God Thoth.

How They used it

Egyptians used this incredible way of writing for many different things. The used Hieroglyphics for the history that took place in A.D and B.C. They also used it to record data for things like astronomy. Scribes used Hieroglyphics to keep records for whoever the pharaoh was at the time period. But mostly, Egyptians and Scribes used this for sacred writings.
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Other Forms of Writing

Egyptians didn't just create Hieroglyphics. They created different alphabets like the Demotic, Hieratic, and Coptic writing. Coptic writing is the more modern alphabet used today. It is used in many different countries and is consisted of some of the different glyphs used by the Egyptians. Hieratic writing is just the cursive version of Hieroglyphics used by the Scribes and Pharaohs. Demotic writing is the ancient Egyptian script of writing derived by northern terms of Hieratic writing.

Affection on us Today

Hieroglyphics have an impact on us today because of all the things it has given us. It has given us the ability to look at pictures and figure out what they are. Hieroglyphics have also given us information that books and the internet can't. They have also showed us how our ancestors used to send messages and communicate with paper/papyrus
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