Information by Heather-Michelle Parkes


Amphetamine comes in capsules, coloured powder, liquid and crystallized. Capsules are taken just like any other pill, the coloured powder is snorted, liquid is smoked or injected, the crystallized is also smoked. Some street names for Amphetamine is Speed, Whiz, Uppers, Goey, and Louee.

Amphetamine is illegal in Canada! (Unless given by doctors)

What type of drug is Amphetamine?

Amphetamine is a stimulant and an appetite suppressant. It stimulates the nerves and brain by increasing the amount of some chemicals in the body. This increases heart rate and blood pressure and makes your appetite completely disappear.

Social factors and decision making:

In situations like Amphetamine abuse a few reasons people have went to this drug are things like pain, weight, peer pressure, and confidence.

If you are offered any type of drug you need to refuse it, you may think it will be cool but it isn't! If peers are constantly pressuring you it may be time to think about getting some new friends. This drug is serious.

Short and long term effects

The short term effects of Amphetamine include increased temperature, fever or increased blood pressure,irregular heart rate or rapid heart beat,paranoia, anxiety and increased hostility towards others, heightened sense of well-being, increased sense of alertness, suppressed appetite, dryness of the mouth, dehydration, increased energy, reduction of drowsiness or fatigue, nausea and vomiting, headache and increased feelings of power or confidence.

Long term effects include blurred vision,tremors,irregular breathing,loss of coordination,collapse,rapid pounding heart,violent or aggressive behaviour,hallucinations,seizures,strokes and comas.