Slavery/Rise of Ghana

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1. Portuguese Navigators find the first Negroes near Cape Blanc, Western Africa, and start the Black slave trade.

2. Shiping began in 1509 for shiping people

3. It lasted 289 years from 1300-1589

4. they got the people from africa then shiped them across the alantic ocean.

Rise of Ghana

1. In 800 A.D, Ghana was in control of West Africa's trade routes.

2. The trade route was important to the people because it gave them an easy way to trade and get good resources

3. The Soninke banded together to form the beginning of Ghana.

4. In the mid-1,000's Ghana was rich and powerful.

5. The Ghana community lasted for 900 years, it stared 300 A.D and ended 1,200 A.D