Texting and Driving

Should you do both at the same time? By: Riley Deahl

Texting while driving? Should it be allowed?

No, you should not be allowed to use your phone while you're driving. It increases your risk of getting in a crash. If you crash you can not only hurt yourself, but hurt the your passengers and innocent bystanders. When you look down to answer a call or reply to a text message, you are delaying you're reaction time even more than if you drink alcohol.

Your Risk Increases

When you go to reach for your phone, you are increasing your risk of an accident. In 2011, 23% of accidents were caused my texting while driving. That's 1.3 million crashes! Text messaging increases your risk 23 times! If you are dialing your phone that's 2.8 times. If you are talking or listening on the phone that's 1.3 times. Even if you are just reaching for your phone that increases your risk 1.4 times. All those accidents could be prevented, just don't use your phone while driving!

It Delays Your Reaction Time

In Heath classes, you've heard that alcohol delays your reaction time. Well, so does using your cellphone while driving. In fact, it delays it even more than alcohol does! Studies have shown that texting while driving delays your reaction time by 37%. Now, drinking to the legal limit slows down your reaction time by 13%. Now think about it, using your cellphone while driving, delays your reaction time MORE THAN alcohol does! Shouldn't that be a big enough reason not to text and drive? If not, I have a BIGGER reason why not to.

Others are in Danger!

Sure, if you crash you will be hurt, but there are others to worry about. What if you have other passengers in the car? They could get badly injured or even die from that crash as well. Do you want to put your love ones in danger? That's not a pretty thing to have hanging over your head forever. However, not only your passengers are affected. How about the bystanders? What about the people in the other car you hit? Or the person you just hit while they were crossing? You could hurt innocent people all because you couldn't wait to answer a text! Is that really asreason to take a family member from someone? A reason to hurt someone else? Once again, not something you want to be staying in the back of your mind. Before you send that text or answer that call while driving, ask yourself if you are ready to face the danger ahead of you.

Other Things to Do

Here are some options to select instead of texting and driving:

  • Put your phone on silent.

All you have to do is silence that cellphone and it won't bother you the whole ride. If you can't hear the phone, it can't tempt you.

  • Put your phone out of reach.

If you put it out of reach and you want to answer that text, you can't. You should only do this if you are the only person in car, so no one can hand you the phone.

  • Make someone else the texter.

If the message is important, put your passengers to work. Tell them what to say and they can text for you. Your text gets sent and your eyes stay on the road. It's a win win!

  • Play fun music.

If you text because you get bored in the car, play fun music instead of using your phone.

  • Take public transportation

If you seriously cannot go a hour or less without texting, take a bus or train. You can text all you want then.

And lastly...

  • Pay attention to the road

You know what's more fun than texting? Safety! If it's too important to wait and you are driving alone, pull over and then do it!

You Should Not Text and Drive!

No one should use their cellphones when they are driving. When you even reach for that phone, it increases your risk of crashing. The minimum time that your eyes are away from the road because of a cellphone is five seconds. If you are traveling at 55 mph, that's driving the length of a football field without looking at the road. That's a lot of distance for you to crash. If you text and drive, it delays your reaction time even more than alcohol does! The most important reason is that you can hurt not only yourself but others. You could hurt others because of a TEXT MESSAGE! Honestly, I think you can spend some time without your phone without exploding, so don't text and drive. You should not text and drive ever.

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