Of Seraph Parsect and Leadership

Or: How Teachings of Seraph and Isadora relate to leadership

Seraph Parsect is the fictional hero from my own writing, The Voided Twins in Three Parts.She relates to my life by being of my own writing, a character I am dynamically creating that lives just as I do. Primarily, Seraph uses a mix of laissez-faire, democratic, and balanced leadership styles and holds referent power. However, in certain situations she must switch up her styles to help others. In the included excerpt from Eternity's Destiny, Scroll IV, "Cruel Bombs", Seraph uses an authoritarian styles to save the others from the threat of dangerous bombs.

Characters and Synopsis


Seraph Parsect- 17 y/o girl, known as the Hero of Hope and destined to save reality from Adam, the King of Hell. Assistant leader of Void's Children, co-leader of the Love and Care of the Void. Blue Voided Twin. Heart of Adam.

Alpchon Dass- 17 y/o girl, known as the Hero of Truth and destined to save reality from Adam, King of Hell. Guider scout of Void's Children, co-leader of the Love and Care of the Void. Green Voided Twin. Hunger of Adam.

Vivian Jeanne- 17 y/o girl, known as the Teller of Wishes and destined to save reality from Adam, the King of Hell. Nurse of Void's Children, assistant leader of the Love and Care of the Void. Breath of Adam.

Fairy Maekawa- 17 y/o girl, known as the Spiritual Seer and destined to save reality from Adam, the King of Hell. Seer of Void's Children, assistant leader of the Love and Care of the Void. Left eye of Adam.

Rain Rancor- ?? y/o man, known as the One Eyed Man (later Carcass of Power) and created to set the Crisis Loop in motion. Co-leader of Void's Children, guider of the Love and Care of the Void. Right hand of Adam.

Sky Prakash- ?? y/o woman, known as the Passing Spirit and destined to set the Crisis Loop in motion. Assistant leader of Void's Children, therapist of the Love and Care of the Void. Skin of Adam.

Enter- Ageless demon, known as the Lord of Demons and Son of Adam and destined to summon Adam to bring back the deity Guilt. Co-leader of Void's Children, knowledge of the Love and Care of the Void.

Tubron- ?? y/o dwarf king, possessed by the right eye of Adam and forced to make dangerous missiles.

Panda- ?? y/o humanoid panda, member of Void's Children


Oashys- Home base of the Void's Children, built into the ground

Ulegon- Dwarven castle led by Tubron


Rain and Enter develop magic missiles to prepare for the tensions between the Void's Children and the Inner Circle of Dwarves. Rain and Sky lock down Oashys and place magical barriers before leaving for Ulegon to negotiate a treaty. When there, they discover the dwarves develop missiles of their own. Rain boasts that Oashys is completely protected, but Tubron says they match the Sin (an ancient monster) in power.

From "Cruel Bombs"

-Note: The first few paragraphs are introduction. Demonstration of Seraph’s leadership begins after the italicized text. Also, due to indenting problems hyphens are used in place.

-Following tradition, Rain and Sky sat after Tubron and Gorberon. An elf stood between them with a blank expression on her face.

-"Welcome, welcome." Said Tubron. "Negotiator of peace, please begin."

-The elf spoke. "Welcome to the fifth official peace council of Ulegon. My name is Essaerae Lyeecia, appointed neutral peace negotiator. I welcome Rain Rancor and Sky Prakash representing Void's Children and Origin Valley. On the other side is King Tubron XIV and his adviser Gorberon representing the Inner Circle of Dwarves. Today you meet to discuss terms of war. Rain and Sky will begin."

-"Thank you, Essaerae." Said Rain. "As we begin, I would like to remind us all of the origins of these tensions: Dwarvish attacks on the immagrant humans living in Origin Valley. Nisivell crashed and brought Ulegon with it, but that does not mean Origin Valley should be a sight of attack for the dwarves. We only joined your war due to the unfortunate death of Yeberon, may he rest in peace. It is understandable that you blame us for his death, but please understand it was Eve's fault and she was given proper treatment. We do not want to go to full out war, but we are prepared if we do."

-"Thank you, Rain Rancor." Said Essaerae. "Tubron, please present your view of the war."

-"Thank you, Essaerae." Said Tubron. "If you represent humanity and Origin Valley as you so say, you are our enemy. Nisevell was peaceful before humans arrived and sent us to this accursed earth. Their moving here taunted us more! As for Yeberon, a dwarf's death on our grounds is always a sign of most hatred. You will be held responsible, as it was a member of your organization that killed him. You may not want war, but it must happen. No other force will drive humans from our home."

-"Thank you, Tubron." Said Essaerae. "Discuss any terms of peace now."

-"We can move the humans out of Origin Valley if you wish," Rain began, "but Void's Children will not leave. Something of utter importance will occur at Origin Valley and if we leave, we will not be able to stop it."

-"It's all or nothing." Said Tubron. "You all leave and there is peace, or you stay in our old home and we destroy you."

-"Destroy me? I laugh at you! My blade is taller than you are"

-"The height of your blade does not matter, for Ulegon cannot be destroyed by you! Kill dwarves as much as you like, but our most important home cannot be taken by humans."

-"I wouldn't be too sure. Sky, place it."

-Sky pulled a device from her bag and placed it on the table. It started spinning and the dwarves gasped.

-"What is that?" Shouted Tubron.

-"Back at Oashys, we developed magic missiles. One mistake, one human death, one sign that you will even attempt to attack us...and Ulegon gets turned into dust."

-"Halt!" Shouted Essaerae. "Deadly weaponry will not help here. Return to the topic of peace!"

-"Peace through threat is the only option."

-Tubron looked visibly worried. "Gorberon, are they ready?"

-"Yes sir, but we don't have the location set."

-"Set it to Oashys."

-"Excuse me?" Asked Rain.

-Tubron responded with laughter. "Magic missiles, what a joke! We have our own missiles!"

-"So you plan to attack Oashys? Good luck, it is mostly underground and protected with magical enchantments keeping anything from magically entering or leaving. Your missiles will do nothing!"

-"You are wrong there, lad. Our missiles surpass the first attack of the Sin in strength!"

-"That's...how do you know of the Sin?"

-"My eye sees more than you could comprehend, lad." Tubron's right eye glowed a deep red color and the changed to pure white, followed by the four triangle symbol appearing in place of the iris.

-"Is...is that..."

-"Yes my lad, it is the symbol of ancient hell. This symbol appeared in the human eyes of the one true King of Hell."

-"Adam..." Rain gripped his sword and glanced at Sky. "So, we finally meet...Was this war a guise to get close to us?"

-"Why would I let my vessels be involved in the petty conflicts of humans? I wanted you two so I could destroy you before I even return. Rain, does your hand hurt?" Rain felt a burning pain in his left hand. The bandages flew off to reveal pure white skin and the four triangle symbol forming on the back of his hand. "Unfortunately, the hand is not close enough to the brain to allow possessions. So then Rain, what will your missiles do now?" Gorberon pressed a button and sirens sounded.

-"Sky, do it now!"

-Reluctantly, Sky pressed the button on her device. "I'll warn Seraph, there's no time to stay here!" As Rain and Sky fled from Ulegon, the screams of Gorberon and Essaerae sounded behind them. "May heaven accept their souls..."

-Meanwhile, Seraph and the others had no clue about the impending missiles until Sky telepathically spoke with Seraph. As Sky delivered the news, Seraph's expression went from carefree to grim. I understand, is there any way out?

-We foolishly did not predict this, so all of you are stuck in Oashys. It's up to you to get them out, and there's only forty minutes remaining.

-“Alright everyone, listen up! Sky has informed me we have forty minutes until deadly missiles hit. Oashys is in lockdown mode and Rain and Sky remain too far away from here. The chances of survival are incredibly low.” Naturally, panic ensued. Seraph drew Isadora and raised it into the air, sending red sparks flying about. “Enough!” Shouted Seraph. “We need to get out of here before the bombs arrive. If we do not escape, we will not survive past this day. Alpchon, work out a way to open the doors. Vivian, find a map of the facility. Fairy, find and save the most important items we own. Panda, look for any secret passages. Opa Oda and Salem, save the animals. Go now!”

-While the others worked, Seraph ran around to ensure they were doing what she instructed them to do. Previously, Seraph did not have to deal with responsibility and now the stress of both responsibility and five cruel bombs threatened her.

-Vivian and Alpchon returned to Seraph with news that the doors were opened and a map was found. Fairy returned with a pocket dimensional bag full of their most important items. Right after, Panda arrived with the grim news that there were no secret passages. “That’s alright,” said Seraph, “but where are Opa Oda and Salem?”

-[A scene between Opa Oda and Salem occurs, but is cut out from this. Seraph and the others exit the room they were in and move further up the underground building.]

-How much longer? Seraph asked Sky through telepathy.

-Well…I see our missiles in the distance, and Rain and I are just getting out of Ulegon. There isn’t much time, just go as fast as you can.

-Now filled with extra adrenaline, Seraph yelled actions at the members of her party. Alpchon, with the swiftness of an elf lord, carried Fairy on her back while Panda, with the swiftness of a panda, carried Vivian. Curious about Seraph’s plans but not daring to ask what they were, Alpchon and Panda dashed through the corridors.

-“I guess it’s up to Alpchon now,” and Seraph opened the secret compartment of Isadora that contained the gelatinous blue liquid (liquid/crystalline human) from years passed. Soon the others escaped and met with Rain and Sky at the safe area and after that the missiles hit Ulegon first and Oashys second. Thus, the tale of the Hero of Hope supposedly ended before she was even awoken.

In Response to "Cruel Bombs"

Normally, Seraph has time to get the opinions of her team and allow her to work hands off. She uses a good mix of each type of leadership: She asks for Void's Children to give opinions, she gives power to other members, and she strives to have good relationships and value her team as friends instead of allies. As shown in the above excerpt, Seraph uses authoritarian leadership to help the others out of a chaotic situation. By placing herself in control of this situation, she was able to safely get the others out. While she is not the full leader of Void's Children, she is still highly respected by everyone and thus holds referent power. You could also argue that her title as the "Hero of Hope" gives her legitimate power, as that is defined by power assigned by position, office, or title.
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