Thank You

to the cast and crew of Walter Mitty

Thank you!

We want to express our gratitude for the performance of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

-8th graders Sabish Middle School

Dear Cast and Crew of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,

I would like to start off by congratulating all of you on a fantastic performance. Even if you had a small role, I still believe that you did well. Second, I would like to say that there was some amazing acting done by leads. First off, Mrs. Mitty. The ability to yell/shriek at Walter like you did was very well done, and acting like you were crazy at the end was also well done. Second, who ever played Gordon, you truly are a great actor. You made everyone laugh, cry, and laugh some more. Third, whoever played Katherine, you also did your job well. You had passion in your role, and that was very visible. Fourth, whoever played Sam, well done. You truly acted like an idiot, and even if it wasn’t acting, it was still very good. Finally, to the leading man, great job. You came through as Walter Mitty the whole play. That’s all I need to say.

Overall, I think that the truly best scene would have to be the dinner argument. All actors, especially Gordon and Marcia, played the parts with passion, energy, and composure (seriously, how did you guys keep calm when that gun went off? It was more scary for some people then the Wrecking Ball video.). Well done in that scene, well done.

In conclusion, I believe that every actor was truly, well, an actor/actress. At least, you all were to me. So, thanks for actually giving us middle schoolers a play to actually watch, and not one that we can sleep through like its a college lecture. Plus, thanks for getting us out of school. We all needed a break from learning, even if some won’t admit it.


A Sabish 8th Grader

Dear cast and crew of the play The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,

Thank you for letting us see your play, we loved your play. We appreciate that you took time out of your school day to show us your play. We loved the duel between the couple that was having problems, and how everyone joined in the duel, our favorite part in the duel was when the bear ate Mitty’s wife, mostly because we are the bears, you know! Well we will see you next year.

-Gage S. and Amber S.

Dear Mr. Wilson,

We appreciated your time putting this play together and really enjoyed it; mostly your special effects which made it so real and surprising like the gunshot. I, however, enjoyed your actors so much because they acted and sounde like real couples and which was outstanding.

We noticed your props and how amazing you can make scenes changed in an instant and seemed like it took a lot work, but was amazing to watch transform. Maybe in high school we middle schooler might join and experience the magic of acting because it seemed like a lot of fun acting, creating props, and being the character. Again thank you inviting us.


Choua X Andrew R, Matthew C, Kentz P

Thank you for inviting Sabish students to your fantastic play. All of your cast did very well. I enjoyed watching your play, and the cast member who played Walter Mitty did a very nice job, especially when he tricked Minnie. The character who pretended to be drunk was funny too. I loved the play.


Dear cast of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”,

Thank you for taking your time to make that wonderful play. I think it was awesome, I started to think that it was a tv show. It looked like you practiced it for months. I loved the part when the bear came out and stole the girl. Was that the Sabish bear? I think the play was perfect except for when the guys slipper flew off, but it was funny.



Dear those of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’s cast,

We both thoroughly enjoyed your hard work and effort that you put forth for our enjoyment. We found the play humorous and creative, even with its execution.

We both appreciated the setting created for this play. It fit the complicated scene changes that were necessary. The enthusiasm showed, like the actor of the character Gordon, was outstanding. Also, being part of Sabish’s productions, we enjoyed all the props that were there, which really added to the play overall.

Thank you for taking time out of your school day to perform for us. We understand that you have classes to attend, and despite not being there, you still had to take notes and do the homework. We both find it very kind of you to show us what plays will be like in high school.

Thank you again,

Honor K. and Brianna B.

Dear Mr. Wilson,

Thank you for inviting me to see your play “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, I really enjoyed it. It was very entertaining and full of action, and I loved it.

I don’t know if I was the only one who noticed, but everyone on the stage, as actors, seemed to really be enjoying what they’re doing. They were all very funny, and seemed to fit the role that they played.

I appreciate being invited, because I am really glad I saw that, it brightened up my day, and it made me laugh and smile.

I enjoyed the scene when Marcia (I think her name was) and Gordon were at that dinner table with the other two couples, and they started arguing, I found that very funny, when they raised their voices. I also enjoyed the scene when the guy tried to kill his wife, and she tried to kill him, I thought that scene was really funny.

Once again, I thank you for inviting our school, Sabish, to go see your play, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” it was very funny and entertaining.


Jasmine Knop

Dear Cast and Crew,

Thank you for including us in your audience for your performance. We noticed all of the detail you put into the play such as the sets and the memorization of all of those lines. We appreciate the hard work you put in and the sacrifice you took by missing class time to do the play. We enjoyed the jokes and the good play performed by your cast. We are excited that Sabish alumni were a big part of your audience and that we were able to give your cast the positive feedback they deserve.

Evan M.

Lupita G.

Eli G.

Thank you!

Dear Mr Wilson,

We appreciate you allowing us to join the students at your play you’ve performed for us. I know the students from Sabish appreciated your play and thought it was very nice, I had a great time the actors were extremely good! I was extremely impressed how they could keep a straight face during the extremely funny skits of the play. The students around me loved the play you have performed for our entertainment, so did I.

My favorite part personally was when the character Sam was going to kill his wife, but his plan backfired on him. Sam was most likely my favorite character. Your plays have always been interesting and enjoying to attend. I’ve attended multiple plays and I do not know what play was my favorite it’s so hard to chose when they have all been very entertaining, and good. Thank you again for allowing us to attend the play it was great!

Sincerely, Sam K.

Dear cast members,

We thank you for letting us watch your play. We really enjoyed the play, I hope to see one more play this year and you did really well. We noticed that you guys memorized the lines of the play. We really enjoy the duel between the husband and wife. We were excited that Sabish alumni were a big part! The performance was the best we had seen in our school careers.


Nick V and Luis D

Thank you for having us at your play we really liked it it was funny and nice. Thanks for having us really all thought it was really nice for having us there to look at the play. You guys did a very nice job acting for us.

We all really loved the play. I am pretty sure if we was to go and watch the movie it will be just how you guys acted it cause you guys did a very nice job thanks! for having us see you guys soon


Deshawn W.

Dear Mr. Wilson

Thank you for inviting Sabish Middle School to the High School play. It was really hilarious and very entertaining. The play intrigued me to want to see the movie, and I can’t wait to see next year's play.

Thank you,

Joe Gruening

Dear Fondy Cast,

We appreciate that you put on a spectacular show. We especially enjoyed Charlie. He was so good I honestly thought you were crazy for a second. The students kept us tuned in. We could not keep our eyes off you. Another part of the show we enjoyed was when the actors showed Adam and Eve in the flashback. They made the visions come to life before my eyes. Please keep on entertaining us.

Sincerely, Brett H

Donta L

Dear Fondy Cast,

Thank you for putting the show on for us on Wednesday. It was very entertaining and it kept my attention the whole time. Keep up the great work! I hope to be on stage next year as well, and you are a great inspiration.

Thanks again,

Megan Elford

Dear Mr. Wilson,

Thank you for inviting Sabish Middle School to your wonderful play of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. We appreciate how wonderful the play was. Everyone worked very hard and did great. Everyone enjoyed it very much. Our favorite part was when Walter Mitty tricked everyone in the end and when he finally got Katherine.


Meg K,

Ashley V,

Maddie D

Dear Cast and Crew of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,

Thank you for inviting 8th graders from sabish Middle School to your play It was very entertaining and fun. We enjoyed all of the comedic parts the most. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to perform for us. We really enjoyed going to your plays.

We think that you all did an amazing job memorizing all your lines and performing them with talent. Our favorite part was when the fight over Greta Garbo and Donald Duck (we like Donald Duck better). We thought it was hilarious when the sword fight and gun scene happened. I think we all jumped when “Sylvia” pulled the trigger. The time you took to perfect this play and everything in it, is very appreciated


Alex K

Brey M

Lizzy K

Jennifer L

Dear cast and crew of Walter Mitty,

Thank you for taking out your time and performing for us. We noticed that the actors and actresses of the play didn’t burst out laughing when something funny was said. We appreciate you performing for us and making the show funny like the story. We enjoyed the actor named Gordon; he was very entertaining and made the audience laugh. When the actors did the scene with the duel, it was very entertaining when the bear randomly came out in Walter’s imagination and made us laugh.


Nickole W.

Jade S.

Dear Mr. Wilson,

Thank you for invited us to the play “Secret Life of Walter MItty”! It was very enjoyable! I loved the part where the actors had “the duel”. That part was funny and very interesting! Once again, Thanks for having us and putting on the play for us! We loved it!

From, Saischia, Sabish student

Dear Cast & Crew,

One thing we liked about the play is when the bear jumped out and attacked the woman and took her off the stage. Was this the Sabish bear mascot or not? Also we liked the sound effects through the whole play. We liked how the play was a lot like the story and how it wasn’t anything like the movie. Everyone liked the crazy guy and how he planned to act like he was going to kill his wife but made his wife look crazy. Another thing we liked about the play is how dramatic the actors were. We would like to thank you for your time and hope to see you in action again.


Payton T

Dakota M.

and Hunter M.

Dear cast of the story of Walter Mitty,

I thought the play was interesting. I thought that it was very cool. I think that when I get to Fondy High that I'll join the play and cast of some of the plays.

Thank you very much for inviting us to the play.

We would just like to thank you for inviting us to your school to watch the play it was really good. I liked how you changed your scenes with moving the equipment up and down that way it was more efficient and faster.

Some of my favorite parts were when Walter was acting like a loony flying around and made it look like his wife was going crazy so she ended up having to leave because the doctor thought she was the loony one cause he would think Walter would never be like that.

Sincerely, Seth R.

Dear cast of Walter Mitty,

Thank you for that very thrilling episode of The secret life of Walter Mitty ! The cast was phenomenal with their acting you can tell how much work they put into the play.

We noticed how you took actual words from the story and brought them to life I thought that was expertise , and how the set was just amazing.

We appreciated how the cast took time and energy into such a beautiful performance.

Dear FdL High School,

I am here writing this letter to thank you for that wonderful afternoon.The cast did very well on the set the whole time. I am very grateful for inviting us students to the play.I will love to come back another play you guys come up with. One question: was that bear from the Sabish School? I appreciate all the funny scenes you guys did. Thank you.


Kenneth B