My Special Event


Christmas Eve

On the eve of christmas we all go to Nanas house and we look at christmas lights that my cousin Trent sets up months before christmas.

Its a tradition for Trent to do the christmas lights at nanas because he has been putting them up since he was 12 and this will be the last year Trent will be decorating nanas house.

Last Christmas eve the was a huge thunder storm and the light had to go off early :(

Guest List 4 Lunch Time

- Nana

- Leanne

- Joanne

- Michael

- Kate

- Kylie

- Phil

- David

- Anthony

- Trent

- Megg

- Georgia

- Will

- Rylie

- Tom

- Blake

- Lucy

- Taylah

- ME!!

- Tori

- Gwen

- Ventice (The Viking)

Christmas Day Lunch at Nanas

We all get toghter and have a massive feast!!

After lunch we open our presents (the best thing about christmas), then we play our annual game of cricket that we play every year after opening our presents. Each time we play we lose at least 3 balls across the road in the paddock

Christmas Dinner

We all come together and spend time with our other side of the family (dads side) we all have a feast then go home because we won't to go back to the lights at Nana's

Guest LIst 4 Christmas Dinner

- Nick

- David

- Nana Jill

- Melissa

- Joanne

- Phil

- Jake

- Catrina

- Lachie

- Will

- Lucy

- Taylah

- ME!!

- Angela

- Trev

- Sadie

- Lesley

Why Christmas is Special to ME!

Christmas is special to me because we get to spend time with family that we don't get to see very often.