By: Mia Carter 7th period

Overfishing issues

  1. Decrease in fish population
  2. Less fish for markets and they can't repopulate fast enough

Frequently asked questions

  1. Q: How are wildlife effected by overfishing?

A: The ecosystem can be unbalanced to a point where there are an unusual amount of certain different species.

2. Q: Does overfishing effect where I live (League City, TX)? If not how could it? A: Since League City is near the coast you could see a strange absence of fish on the coasts.

3. Q: Are people effected by this?

A: Yes, because it can change the amount of fish are in your local stores.

4. Q: Who or what causes overfishing?

A: Overfishing is caused by fishermen who go over fishing limits and take too much fish out of the environment

5. Q: What are the solutions to the issue?

A: Some solutions are making fishermen only fish on certain days or giving them a limit on how many fish they are aloud to take out.

6. Q: Do you have anymore ideas for solutions to overfishing?

A: Cutting of areas for fishermen to fish in.

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