Anthony's Goals!

Read all about Anthony's goals and\if he achieved.

My maths goal.

Was to be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions, decimals and positive and negative numbers.

How I did this: By learning it at class and G.A.T.E!

My new goal is to keep up with G.A.T.E all of the algebra and measurement. It is quite tough but that is what I enjoy about it. My main will be on algebra and to be confident with most of it. That is a lot of hard work!

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Literacy goal.

Was to focus my ideas to develop clarity and include a range of appropriate vocabulary.

How I did this: I practiced in class and I think I have it.

My new goal is to: edit my writing more consistently because I don't do that enough and quite often find mistakes afterward.

A2A goal.

Was to be more independent by taking responsibility for my homework and being more organised at school.

How I have done with this: I got a lot better with my homework by being more proactive. Although I've found it hard to remember to go to G.A.T.E but I have followed up on all the classes I missed. So I do not think I have quite achieved this. It is still a goal for me.

My fitness goal.

Was to get 11.5 in the beep test.

How I achieved this: by going to running club and circuit training every morning and I got 11.12.

My new Goal is to try to equal that or get higher. Although I am not very confident because I have not been training. So I will be happy for over 11.