Camp Ernst Newsletter March 2016

Created by STLP student, Kylie Scherder

8th Grader goes to US Snowboard and Freeski Championship

One of our 8th graders, Colby Eubanks, has been invited to compete in the United State of America Snowboard and Freeski Association’s National Championship in Copper Mountain, Colorado over spring break. Colby has been skiing since he was in the 2nd grade and started freestyle skiing at the age of 11. Just this year he started skiing competitively and finished the year in 1st place for slopestyle in the Snow Ohio Region. He ranks 37th in the nation and is going on to compete at the national level April 9-13. He practices at Perfect North Slopes roughly 20-25 hours during the season while maintaining an A/B average at school. We are super proud of Colby’s accomplishments and wish him all the best in Colorado!
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Greetings from the Youth Service Center!


Donations are always accepted here at the YSC, right now we are looking for any CEMS gym uniforms and jeans/sweats (all sizes!). The YSC will be having a one day Jeans/Sweats drive in April, so keep us in mind when you are spring closet cleaning! Every student that brings in a pair of jeans and/or sweats will get a ticket to an ice cream social during lunch!

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Did you know that in Boone County alone there has been 941 reports of Child Abuse and Neglect. During the month of April CEMS is partnering with the Family Nurturing Center to raise awareness and money for Child Abuse Prevention. We will be selling blue bracelets (all proceeds go to the Family Nurturing Center), having highlighted books on display in the library, “Wear Blue Selfie Day”, and reading survivor stories. Please join us in the cause to prevent Child Abuse!

Youth Service Center Advisory Council

The Advisory Council oversees the tasks and programs of the Youth Service Center. It is made up of Parents, Students, Staff, and Community Partners. If you are interested in learning more about what the YSC does for CEMS please join us, all are welcome! Our next meeting is Monday, May 16th at 4pm in the conference room.

Angela Werwick, Youth Service Center Coordinator

8th grade Social Studies class examine court system

Eighth grade classes are currently in the midst of Project/Problems based Learning regarding our court system and justice. These projects will culminate into a “Day of Law.¨ Students will set up their projects in the library and then will open this up to the public in the evening. This is to raise awareness for the Ohio Innocence Project, an organization that works to exonerate people who have been wrongly accused of a crime and who served time in prison for crimes they did not commit. Great job to Ms. Blood and her classes!
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Students showcase art at Erlanger library

Ms Lana Heckman’s class competed in special Olympic art at the Erlanger Library. The team of 6 were coached by Para Educator Katherine Dedden. We have 2 finalist who’s art work will be going on to state! Judging will take place this summer. Congratulations to:

1st Place finalist

Samantha Meridith

Autumn Bailey

2nd Place

Dawson Fitzwater

Thomas Dudash

3rd Place

Gregory “Cole” Burklo

4th Place

Michael Walters

Attendance Refresher

Daily attendance of all students is very important. A written note or electronic note with the student’s first and last name, date, reason for absence, and signature of parent or guardian should be brought to the main office by the student when returning to school from an absence. Parent notes will be accepted for up to 10 days for an excused absence. Any absence beyond 10 days will require a doctor’s note; any absence after 10 days, without a doctor’s note, will be unexcused.

Students may arrive to school no earlier than 7:00 am. Students who arrive between 7:00 am and 7:25 am should wait in the gymnasium. Students eating breakfast should report to the cafeteria when arriving to school and will remain in that location until 7:25 am. From 7:25 – 7:34 am students may take care of needs at lockers, library, restroom or offices. Students must be in class, ready to begin at 7:35am.

Students are tardy if not in the classroom at 7:35 am. If tardy to school, the student and the parent should report to the main office to sign in. Doctor’s notes will also be accepted for a tardy. An admit slip will be issued. If no parent accompanies the student to sign in or a Doctor’s note is not provided the student will automatically receive an unexcused tardy. To have an excused late arrival the parent must sign the student in the day of the late arrival.

Please check your student’s attendance through Parent Portal. If there are any missing attendance notes, please provided one. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Mrs. Stasie 859-534-4000.

EHO’s (Educational Enhancement Opportunity)

Students may apply for an EHO for a prearranged absence. EHO application must be submitted for approval at least 3-4 days before the absence. Students with an approved EHO are responsible for obtaining their classroom assignments and a report regarding the trip must be returned to the school to confirm the educational validity of the trip. EHO application may be obtained from the main office.

Winter sports wrap up with great results

We have wrapped up the sports year here at CEMS, with some great achievements:

Cheerleaders – Regional Champions advancing to State for the 1st time in CEMS history!

Varsity Volleyball – Conference Runner-Up

JV Volleyball – Conference Runner-Up

6th Boys Basketball – Conference Runner-Up

8th Boys Basketball – Conference Runner-Up

Thank You to all of our student-athletes and parents this year on great seasons! Information will be coming out in the coming months about summer camps and tryouts for next season, we will keep you posted. Go Blazers!

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Our Heart and Sole team has been training hard twice a week for their 5k in May. Our practice 5k is Monday, April 4th. Wish them good luck!

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Congrats to all Staff & Students at CEMS for collecting 504 cases, 231 gallon jugs, 0ver 17,000 pounds of water for Flint, Michigan!

Have questions about student Chromebooks?


Does my child have to have a Chromebook?
Yes. Chromebooks will be just like their textbook, paper and pencil. If they don’t have it, they may not be able to complete assignments. CEMS teachers are currently being trained in Google Classroom and implementing the use of it in their classrooms.

What is Google Classroom?
Google Classroom is a blended learning platform for schools that aim to simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments in a paperless way.

What if my child breaks their assigned Chromebook?

Accidental breakage is covered under warranty. If students maliciously break a Chromebook, student/parent will replace device.

Cost to replace?

Can my child bring their Chromebook home?

Chromebooks will stay at school. Students will be required to return them to charging carts at the end of the day. If students bring Chromebooks home, they will be written up and need to attend re-training.

What is re-training?

Retraining is a session students will attend after lunch (rather than going outside or to gym) where they will watch videos on proper care and use of Chromebooks. After watching, they will take an assessment to ensure they understand the presented procedures.

What if my child loses their Chromebook or it’s stolen?
If a Chromebook is lost the student/parent will be responsible for replacement. If stolen, we will look for device and if it doesn’t turn up we will assign a new Chromebook the first incident. Any incident after will be discussed with student/parent about partial payment for replacement.

What if my child is not using their assigned Chromebook correctly in school?

There will be punishments for improper use. Please see the packet for Chromebook Guidelines for Students and Parents. We have made one change to this (after packet was printed)...students will also attend re-training sessions after lunch. The most updated version can be found on the CEMS website under Parent Tab or by hovering over Technology Link on the left side.

Do I need to buy anything?
You are not required to purchase anything except headphones/earbuds. We ask that students have them to use.

On the packet students will be bringing home, there is a link to Amazon. Covers can be purchased, but they are not mandatory. This case is the only case available for the model we have. We ask that sleeves not be used.

Can students decorate their Chromebook?

Students are not allowed to decorate or stick anything on their Chromebook. Any stickers or other decorations will be considered damage and will possibly result in replacement of Chromebook.

What if my child doesn’t want to use the CEMS assigned Chromebook but they want to bring their own?

We ask that students use their assigned Chromebook. Bringing their own devices is no longer needed. The district has purchased the Chromebooks for students to use in their classrooms. In addition, all students using the same type of technology will enable teachers to address technical issues and instruct students how to use tools that may not be available on their personal devices.

If you have any other questions, please email (School Technology Coordinator) or (Instructional Technology Assistant). They will be handling all items related to Chromebooks.