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Week of May 4, 2015

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This week (as told by the Oak Room Kindergartners)...

We went outside for Sustainability. We looked for plants. We had snack with Writing. In Reading Workshop it was a lot quieter in private reading.

We went outside for Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop. We had Exploration at the end of the day. We have a new calendar.

We have a farm stand. We had exploration and project time. We put the pictures where they go in Fort Greene Park, Whitman Gardens, and the community garden.

We went on a walk around to Camel Park. We went to recess early. We had snack after Sustainability.
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This week in literacy (and things to do at home)

This week in Reading Workshop we went over all of our tools to help us when we get to tricky words. We discussed how when one tool doesn't work, we keep trying other tools, instead of stopping. We also worked on telling ourselves and each others what tools we would use before we even opened our books. Handyman Joe also told Lorna and Pascale about two new tools to use: the detective tool and ending tool. The detective tool helps us to focus on ALL the letters in a word, instead of just the first letter. The ending tool helps us to focus on the end of word, so we can make sure the end of the word we say matches what we see.

At home pretend to get stuck or confused on a few words as you read with your child! Ask your child to tell you what tool to use to figure it out (instead of telling you the word). For example: if you are reading the sentence "She went to the store", say, "She went to the sink" and act puzzled because "that doesn't make any sense! What tool can I use to figure it out?"

In Writing Workshop we worked on focusing on one part of a story, and elaborating so that it is explained bit by bit.

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This week in math (and things to do at home)

This week in Math Workshop we have been working with arrangements of colored tiles to develop and analyze visual images for quantities up to 10, to use numbers and/or addition notation to describe arrangements of the tiles, and to decompose numbers in different ways. The Oaks have been starting their Math Workshop with Quick Images; a teacher holds up a card with an arrangement of 6 tiles and the Oaks try to replicate the image with their own tiles. We have had many discussions about how different people see the images in different ways. For example, one person might see a group of tiles as a row of 3 on top of a row of 3, and another person might see the tiles as 3 columns of 2. The children then worked independently to create their own arrangements, record them, and explain their thinking. This week we worked with tiles in quantities of 6 and 7. Next week we will continue to explore this work with larger quantities.

Continue this work at home! For example, if you have chicken nuggets on a plate give your child a moment to look at them, and then cover them and ask them, "How many? How do you know?"

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This week in Project Time

This week in Project Time we sorted through all of our watercolor drawings of living things to figure out which gardens they were from--the community garden, the Whitman Gardens, Fort Greene Park, or our school's garden. We worked in small groups to organize and map the drawings in the different gardens. Next week we will continue our study of gardens by asking ourselves, "What do the living things in the gardens need to live?"

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field trip to moma on Tuesday May 12th

We will be visiting MoMA on Tuesday May 12th. We will leave at approximately 9:45AM by school bus and returning by 1:30PM. Pleas pack a disposable lunch and water for your child on this day.

ECO FAIR on June 6, 2015

Help organize the Eco Fair on June 6, 2015! All you need to do is sign up to organize a station. Managing a station means sourcing donations or helping us purchase materials and setting it up at the event.

For example, we still need leaders to organize the:

- bake sale

- compass store

- growing station

- painting station

- food vendors

If you are interested in making this exciting event happen, please sign up here:


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Contact Information

Feel free to email us anytime. Pascale can be reached at pascale@brooklyncompass.org and Lorna can be reached at lorna@brooklyncompass.org.