UU Fellowship of Clemson

Memorial Garden

A Lasting Tribute

The UUFC Memorial Garden is a simple, dignified meditation garden set aside as a place where cremated remains (cremains) may be placed directly into the earth, where people may gather for reflection, prayer, or meditation, and where the church community may gather or host occasions for fellowship or celebration.

The Memorial Garden’s location was chosen to provide a private place for meditation amid the beauty of nature from which one can see the sanctuary, symbolizing connectedness with the Fellowship past and present. The children’s playground is adjacent, reminding one of continuing life, excitement, joy, and hope for the future.

Guidelines For Use

The Memorial Garden can be used to deposit the cremains of a current Member or Friend of the Fellowship (as defined by the Bylaws) or of a former Member or Friend. In addition, a child, spouse, or life partner of a Member or Friend or of a former Member or Friend can be interred. Questions of eligibility will be referred to the Board of Trustees.

The interment ceremony will be conducted by the Fellowship minister or other designated official.

The Memorial Garden may be used for ceremonies other than memorial services. Weddings and other ceremonies or celebrations can be arranged by completing a form provided by the Fellowship Office Administrator. If a wood or charcoal fire will be included in such ceremonies, it can be set at the Gathering Circle but must be contained in a fire pan or brazier and may not be burned directly on the pavement or the ground.


Cremains are scattered on the ground and covered with mulch. No urns or containers are to be buried. The Committee prepares the interment site, but the deceased’s loved ones may participate in the burial.

The burial sites will be located next to the pathway in the woodland area and will be marked by a memorial brick inscribed with the interred person’s name, birth and death dates. No grave stones, flower arrangements, plants or other decorations will be placed at interment sites. A small brass plate engraved with the interred person’s name, birth and death dates will be added to the Memorial Plaque located in the sanctuary. If a deceased person is buried elsewhere, a plate may be placed on a separate plaque, if desired, but no memorial brick will be placed in the interment area of the Garden.


For interment, a charge of $300 will be made to pay for an engraved memorial brick for the Garden and a plate for the plaque in the sanctuary and to help with the cost of maintaining the Memorial Garden. The amount of the fee may be changed by the Memorial Garden Committee as necessary, with approval from the Board of Trustees. If the deceased is buried elsewhere, $100 will be charged to pay for a plate on a separate plaque.

Receipts from fees will be held in a separate fund, to be administered by the Memorial Garden Committee, with annual reporting of the fund to the Board of Trustees and the congregation at the Annual Meeting. Fees will be used to cover the cost of bricks and name plates, with additional revenues directed into the fund. Money from the fund will also be used for costs incidental to the Garden, such as development and capital expenditures required and perpetual maintenance and care.


The dignity, appearance, and physical integrity of the Memorial Garden will be maintained by the Memorial Garden Committee. The Committee will consist of a Chair, representatives of the Grounds, Caring, and Finance Committees, and any number of other interested members.

The long term location and status of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clemson is, of course, unknown with the passing of generations. Because of this, the perpetuity of the Memorial Garden cannot be guaranteed absolutely. However, since perpetuity is the intention, there is a moral obligation to maintain the Garden for the purpose intended for as long as possible.

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clemson

Revised May, 2012