Timeline Of Women's Rights


The territory of Wyoming passes the first law in the nation giving women over age 21 the right to vote. After joining the Union in 1890 Wyoming becomes the first state to permit women the right to vote in all elections although in 1887 kansas allowed women to vote in municipal elections


a federal law that grants female federal employees equal pay for equal work is enacted this right was not extended to the majority of female employees who work for private companies or state and local governments until the adoption of the equal pay act in 1963


first proposed 20 years earlier the law says employers must give equal pay for men and women performing the same job duties regardless of the race color religion national origin or sex of the worker


the first public high schools for girls open in New York and Boston


the 14th amendment denying women the right to vote is ratified


Wyoming is the first state to allow women to vote


Madeleine k. Albright becomes first women U.S. secretary of state

July 19-20, 1848

Seneca falls convention was the first womens rights convention in the U.S.


Elizabeth Stanton and Lucretia Mott met at thed world anti-slavery convention in London

July 14

they decided to discuss womens rights