April Newsletter

Ms. Theus's Class

Keep strong the year is almost gone!


As always continue to read with you student and practicing all of our previously learned sounds. Students have learned all the long vowel sound a, I, and o. Those sounds include, ai,ay, a_e, i_e, igh, ie, y, oa, ow, and o_e. We will be reviewing these sounds and then move on to the last long vowel sounds. Coming up this month we will learn the long e sounds ee, and ea, y, and ie. The last week of April we will learn the long u sound u_e.

Your student has mastered cause and effect and we will now move on to making predictions. Many students to this naturally as they read but we will practice this important reading skill. While reading at home I encourage you to ask your student about the problem and solution along with our other skills. Also, you can make real home connections to cause and effect as well and . In case you would like extra homework or reading just let me know and I am more than welcome to give it to you.


We have completed our classroom kit. So from now we will be doing both science and social studies. During this month we will talk about how to take care of our world, which is inspired about Earth Day. I encourage you to talk about receyling at home.


We have finished up our "If you Give..." books, and I must say they were very cute and creative. During this month we will actually start exploring poetry. Students will practicing rhyming a lot. If you can try reading poetry at home.


It's time to learn time!!! We have been working on telling time to the hour and the half hour. We will continue to practice this in class as well as addition and subtraction with regrouping. I highly recommend you practicing telling time at home as well as buying a watch for your student.

Towards the end of the month we will begin learning money. So please start showing your students different coins and telling them how much they are worth.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please contact me.

Thank you!


Ms. Theus