8th Grade Georgia History Class

Collaboration and Communication


In our classroom, we will attempt to collaborate as much as possible, in order to allow the students to work together and take ownership of their own learning. In order to do this, we will utilize several online sources that will make communication easier and provide pathways through which the students can collaborate and keep up with what is going on in class.

The primary source we will use is Google Classroom. This is as much for the parents as it is the students because it is ultimately a communication tool that makes it easy to keep up with everything going on in the classroom and keeps you in constant connection and communication with me and the rest of the class. It will cut down on the paper traffic and keep your student's work and grades organized in one place.

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The first source is Glogster, which is an incredible collaboration tool. This online source allows students to create endless projects and other work. It gives the students an avenue in which they can work with each other on the same project, outside of school, at their own homes if necessary. The multitude of uses for Glogster is its strongest point. Students can engage is digital storytelling by creating interactive presentations, edit any lectures I give by adding their own notes and questions to ask later, and share experiences they have, amongst a numerous other classroom applications. We will specifically using the interactive presentations several times during the year to create projects that serve as performance tasks. There will also be sources available for parents to keep up with the material we are covering.


A second source we will use is Padlet, which is another online collaboration tool. We will use this for our question board, where students can anonymously post questions that they may be struggling with. I will monitor the board and answer them daily. I will also use Padlet at the beginning of each unit to allow open editing of a project where students can add the topics they wish to learn most about during the upcoming lessons. This will help us focus in on topics that interest the students.