Tech Workshops

Curating Digital Resources

Tech Workshops

This year I will be hosting monthly workshops in my classroom around the theme of blogging. Anyone in the district is welcome to attend. These make-and-take (or publish to the web) workshops will be hands on sessions where we will collaborate and create digital resources for our classrooms.

Find something Pinteresting?

The amount of resources on the internet can be overwhelming. Sometimes you find a great resource, but don't have the time to fully explore it's value at that moment. How do you save it for later? Pinterest and Pocket are both great tools for creating a "virtual file cabinet" to keep resources organized. Each tool has it's own unique benefits. In this workshop we will discuss the uses for Pocket and the possibilities for collaboration using Pinterest, as well as ideas for using it in them classroom. I will have Chromebooks available so that we can build and add to boards throughout the discussion. I will be sharing lots of resources to get you started.
Check out this document for resources related to this topic.

A Couple of Tech Related Pin Boards

Tech Workshop

Monday, Sep. 28th, 3:15-4:15pm

Carquinez Middle School

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Please comment below if you are able to come. If you already have a Pinterest account, add a link to it when you comment below. I hope you will still consider coming if you are already an active Pinterest user. I'd love to have other people sharing their ideas about how it can be useful and where you find good pins as well. We will learn how to create collaborative pin boards, so that we can share ideas on different topics with each other.

A Recap of Our Last Workshop

I am happy to say that everyone seemed really excited about working together to learn about technology and decided that they wanted to get together twice a month. I am inspired by the positive feedback. We will meet every other Monday-unless we decide later to revise it. Come when you can, but if you can't make it sometimes, that's okay too. The meetings will be from 3:15-4:15 and we will have a sign in sheet, since some people may want to turn in their hours to get the professional development stipend. I’m glad to work in a district that is so supportive of teacher-led PD towards technology integration.

We went over resources on the web page today including Thinglink, Pinterest, and Pocket and talked about what people wanted to get out of their time spent in the workshops.

We talked about participating in “The Global Read Aloud” which is basically a worldwide book club where classes connect with each other to talk about the same book either through Twitter, Skype, Google Hangout or a class blog. My group will be reading “Fish in a Tree” but there are 5 options in all depending on your grade level.

We also talked about having a session on creating your own classroom website through which is what I used to make my site. You can add students for a class blog through Weebly as well.

I also talked a little bit about #MysterySkype. There is a great blog post that explains what it is and how to do it on Paul Solarz blog. In short, it is a global guessing game that reminds me a little of "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?".

It was decided that people would comment at the bottom of the flyer if they were attending or not. Based on the comments, I will send invites in Outlook to everyone who said they were coming, so that it will be on your work calendar that you are busy at that time.