On The Right Track Plan

Plan For Design Cycle Report

Tuesday 10, 2013 - Create a plan

Action: Create a plan for what to do on the other class day.

Time: 30-45 mins

Resources: smore, internet, computer, calendar

Wednesday 11, 2013 -


Thursday 12, 2013 - Focusing on layout of standalone

Action: Work on layout of standalone and test around with the layout to see what layout fits perfectly and looks appropriate and if finish, can start to work on the stand-alone product

Resources: prezi, compute, internet

Friday 13, 2013 - All of the information need to go to the standalone production

Action: Start working on the standalone production and add all of the information about the MYP criteria and information about MYP, subject and the criteria score and overall score into it.

Time: 1 hour 15 min

Resources: prezi, computer, internet

Saturday 14, 2013 - Action: Finish working on the stand-alone product

Time: 1 hour

Resources: prezi, computer and internet

Sunday 15, 2013 -

Monday 16, 2013 -

Tuesday 17, 2013 - Introduction to spreadsheet

Action: introduction to spreadsheet, getting use to using excel, learn how to put layout, using formula and other things about excel and spreadsheet.

http://chandoo.org/wp/2008/08/01/15-fun-things-wit h-excel/ This is a website that we use to that introduce us to spreadsheet.

Time: 1 hour 15 min

Resources: excel, computer

Wednesday 18, 2013 -

Thursday 19, 2013 -

Friday 20, 2013 - No Class, Library Day. We didn't get to do anything today, because there's an author that came to our school, so we need to take that time to go to the library and listen to his poems and jokes.

Saturday 21, 2013 -

Sunday 22, 2013 -

Monday 23, 2013 -

Tuesday 24, 2013 - Focusing on structure of spreadsheet and finish

Action: Start working on the spreadsheet product .First I made all of the small spreadsheet for each subject, put the layout, border and colors to make it standout. Then I'll put the criteria and the score last.

Time: 90 min

Resources: Excel, computer, smore

Wednesday 25, 2013 - Homework: Complete spreadsheet (30 min)

Action: Didn't have time to finish the whole thing, so at home I put the criteria and the overall score for each subject.

Resources: Excel, computer, smore

Thursday 26, 2013 - 2 product finish spreadsheet finish also standalone. Testing day. (about 1 hour)

Action: Since that there was a problem with the internet, we write the feedback form question on paper and let people write on it (it takes about 30 min or less). At least 3 people need to test the products (mix gender). We did the spreadsheet first for about 20 min or more. We still have to do the stand-alone product, but the internet still doesn't work, so we only get to test out people stand-alone product that is not online. People that required internet for their stand-alone need to wait until tomorrow.

Resources: 2 products (spreadsheet and standalone), testing group, feedback form.

Friday 27, 2013 - Test standalone, do create section, start evaluation, maybe submit the report

Action: Test the stand-alone product for people who need internet (20 min), takes picture of the interview question to prove (2 min), start doing evaluation (20 min or more), talk about how to submit your work (5 min). I takes some home time to finish the whole thing and submit it before it was due.

Time: 1hour 15 min (at school) 2 hour 30min (at home to finish everything and recheck it before submitting)

Resources: stand-alone product, computer, internet, feedback form

Saturday 28, 2013 - Submit the report

Action: submit the design cycle report before 11:55 pm (at night) on managebac. I submit my report on yesterday, which was on Friday 27, 2013, because I finish the whole thing and want to get things done fast so that tomorrow I can work on other homework.

Time: no need

Resources: computer, internet and task sheet

Modification I made for my plan

The plan goes so well, but on Thurday 26, 2013 my plan didn't really work out so well. The plan says that I need to test both of the design, but I only can do one (spreadsheet) because for spreadsheet, I did it on excel so it doesn't required any internet to open it. But on that they, the internet didn't work so I can't do my stand-alone because it's on prezi. Then I need to change my plan a bit about the test. So I change the date of testing the stand-alone to Friday 27, 2013, and the plan work because the internet was back.