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Daily Library Hours: 9:00am-11:30am AND 12:05pm-2:15pm

ENCORE Schedule (Tuesday 11/13 is DAY ONE!)

Day 1: Pillow, Kinder, Anderson, Kellogg, Kerbaugh, Hustwayte

Day 2: Torres, Smith, Grady, Sanders, Cook, Naranjo

Day 3: Harrington, Guinn, Cofer, Mitchell, Vick, Chapman

Day 4: Terrebonne, Burrell, Easterly, LeBel, Dummler, Beltz

Day 5: Pietak, Jenkins, Mumford, Cooper, Troupe, Wajda

Fall Book Fair Success

We made over $13,000 during Fall Book Fair! Pattie kept $7,200 of that to put towards new books and materials for the library and classrooms!

October Library Lessons: STEAMing in the RDC

  • Kindergarten and 1st Graders experimented with the Chatterpix app by recording each of their voices explaining a way to Be Kind. They learned how to use our library catalog (Destiny) to perform a visual search. They also searched within our E (Everybody) shelves to find a book in ABC order.

  • 2nd Graders finished creating their pirate glyphs and enjoyed a change of pace during Book Fair with guidance lessons.

  • 3rd Graders finished their treasure island maps and then coded the Bee Bots to follow the maps and find treasure!

  • 4th Graders constructed Native American homes and then programmed paths for the Ozobots to follow and possibly knock down.

  • 5th Graders started research on rocks (to parallel their science curriculum) and learned how to use Class Notebook in their individual Office 365 accounts.

Library Circulation Stats

We are still learning about all parts of our library, including how to run reports on what has been checked out and by who. Here are the ACTUAL details for the first few months of school:

From the first day of school until the end of September, 5,707 books were checked out!

In the month of October, 2,422 books were checked out. (The dip in check-out is due to the library closing during Book Fair.)

Mrs. Vick's class checked out 117 books and Mrs. Pillow's class checked out 111!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid #11 was the most checked out book followed by Minecraft Combat Handbook, Sisters, and Are You Ready to Play Outside (Elephant and Piggie). We can't wait to see what is popular next...

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Our Volunteers Make Us Stronger!

We could not do anything we do without our awesome volunteers! They help keep books moving on and off shelves and in and out of kids' hands. We are so thankful for the fun team of volunteers during our two weeks of Book Fair and two ladies in particular who set such a magical mood.

We still have DAILY VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES! Every day we have carts full of books ready for shelving. We usually have other tasks to help with like activity prep, shelf tidying and library reorganization.

We are still collecting small boxes!

Patti Motley and Dana Smith

@MrsMotleysClass @pattiebookSmith