Animal Farm

Ally Niemiec


Snowball is a kind and caring animal. He wants to keep everyone happy and for everyone to live a happy life on Animal Farm, like for instance, Snowball reduced the comandment "four legs good, two legs bad" so the stupid animals could be able to understand. Also the idea of the windmill to help the animals around the farm . Snowball is also a very intelligent pig who fights with Napoloen over who will be the leader and who will take over the farm, and has a lot of loyalty from the animals.
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After much thought Snowball declared that the Seven Commandments could in effect be reduced to a single maxim, namely: "Four legs good, two legs bad." This, he said, contained the essential principle of Animalism


( Violence )

Napoleon started to kill animals when they didnt do anything wrong. also Napolean blamed the troubles that happened around the farm all on snowball.

Important Events

The Rebellion is mainly about their freedom from humans. it occurred when the animals decided to meet in the barn the night before to discuss the rebellion, the in the morning they drove Mr. and Mrs. Jones out of Manor Farm, then the farm become known as "Animal Farm" then later on in the book Mr. Jones bring his men to get back the farm with guns and other weapons to fight the animals. Unfortunately, they did not succeed and the animals won once again their rights over the farm.
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Snowball represents Leon Trotsky. He was one of the revolutionary leaders that wanted to improve life for others and who was chased off Stalin (Napoleon).
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Kelly Clarkson - People Like Us - Lyrics
I think this song "People Like Us" describes Animal Farm very well. (change people to animal and it makes much more sense) like how; the animals want a change, how they have to work from the bottom and come out on top, how they have to stick together, its there time now, to move on from the lost and forgotten, also all the hard things their going through wont last forever.