Course Reflection

Introduction to Teaching

By: Felicia Walker

Did the course meet your expectations? Why or why not?

I believe that this course did meet my expectations. I expected to learn some tips and techniques to teaching others and I believe that I learned that and much more. I learned about the importance of creating a relationship between teacher and students and more. I have a greater respect for teachers now and I only hope that I can even come close to being a good teacher to my future students.

Did you meet your own expectations of yourself? Why or why not?

I'm a little disappointment with myself on how I did in this course. Normally I turn everything in and on time and with this course, I didn't turn in two assignments. But going through this has helped me deal with the fact that I can't always finish everything no matter how hard I try. It's helped me in learning how to deal with things that might not always be in my control and how to let things go and move forward with a positive attitude.

How did you “grow”?

I definitely have a deeper respect for all teachers and how hard their job can be and how dedicated they must be in order to keep doing with they do on a daily basis. I had a vague idea of the hard work and dedication that it took to be a teacher but now I've seen the nitty gritty work and perseverance that I'm going to have to strive for if I plan on continuing on this path.

What did you learn?

I really learned a lot about how to treat my students if I want to get anywhere with them and if I want them to learn anything from me. This job will be about so much more than just spitting out information for students to try to remember and retain. It's about getting to know them as people and letting them get to know you as a person so that they're going to be willing to learn from you.

What learning experiences will you "take with you" as a future teacher?

Some of the experiences I've had with working with frustrated kids while doing my observations has been extremely valuable to me. If I become a librarian like I hope to, even if I don't, I'm going to need to know how to work with those who are frustrated and find a way to work with these people without letting them get to me while at the same time finding a way to help calm them down and work through the problem.

What did you think of the course, the teacher, the students, the assignments, etc…? What changes would you make, if any?

I liked the course because I feel like I have learned a lot of valuable things that I'm going to need to know as I move forward with my schooling and even with my career. A lot of the things I've heard from Dr. G and some of the guests speakers we've had have had an impact on my ideas of what I want or need to do to become a librarian. I've gotten some awesome advice which I feel has helped me to make better decisions when it comes to my career.

I really liked getting the chance to meet the other students in our class. It was nice to find that I had some things in common with them and that we could work together towards a similar goal and learning from each other. In most classes, students will hardly connect with anyone unless they're required to work together in groups, and even then they might not.

I liked the assignments, and I feel all of them had a really good purpose. I liked the administrator interview assignment, and really wish that I'd had a chance to do it. I would love the chance to go in and do an interview even if it's not for an assignment. I think there's a lot I can learn from an elementary school principle. I also wish I'd been able to work something better out with the high school so I could have finished my observations in time. But I still plan on doing them so I know that I'll be learning some valuable things. I'm also excited because I'll be observing with one of my old teachers and I know that she'll be more than happy to answer all of my questions.

I know I already mentioned this to you in class, but I just wanted to reiterate that having a little more time to use the late coupon would be really helpful.

Another suggestion I might make, it that it seemed to me that you didn't give a lot of 100%. Now I'm not saying you should just give people a perfect score, but sometimes it kind of seemed pointless to put all of the effort into an assignment if we felt like we weren't even going to get a grade that we felt was owed to us. It's really discouraging to students when we feel like we've put all this extra work and effort into an assignment only to have come so close to getting 100% and being docked off on what seemed like such small and insignificant things. I'm sure you have your reasons for every score, and I respect that, but I wanted you to know that it can be discouraging to your students.