Social Groups

Racial Equality and the Biggest Generation

Minorities Fight For Their Rights

Mexicans struggled with employment. When they were offered the chance to come to America as braceros, they took it. Hundreds of thousands of Mexicans came into the country in what was meant to be a temporary stay, but when their contract was over, many stayed in America illegally.

Native Americans were attempting to establish their own identity, which had been put into question numerous times by the US government. After the new termination policy was put into effect, Native Americans were forced to survive on their own, due to the dropping of federal support. However, there was still much prejudice against them, and many sunk into poverty.

The Baby Boom

From 1946 to 1964, America experienced the most massive birthrate boom in its entire history. At the peak of this period, an infant was born every seven seconds. Many factors contributed to the baby boom. Husbands and wives were reunited after the war, marriage was happening at younger and younger ages, many people were looking for bigger families, medicine was becoming more advanced, they had confidence in continued economic prosperity and now had easy ways to care for more children.