"Re-Imagining" Keller's Future

A note from Mitch Holmes, Candidate Keller City Council

Let's "Re-Imagine" Together

Keller is not the only place where conservative values are prevalent and threatened.

We see issues each day at the state and certainly the national level that are concerning for us who have conservative values.

Yesterday, it was interesting to hear a conservative presidential candidate say that we need to “Re-Imagine” our government.

Isn’t that exactly what Keller needs?

So, let’s “Re-Imagine” Keller Government for a minute.

1. "Re-Imagine" a council that is united in common courtesy and mutual respect.
2. "Re-Imagine" Keller citizens working together for the good of the community instead of being torn apart for special interest agendas.
3. "Re-Imagine" an environment of healthy growth with quality commercial developers beating a path to our doors.
4. "Re-Imagine" a place where all citizens' property rights are respected, not just a few.
5. "Re-Imagine" a town that is united in vision.

6. "Re-Imagine" a spirit of trust, support and success in Keller Town Hall.

Recently, a neighboring town cancelled their elections. Why?

No one ran against any incumbent.

A few years ago, they had a vision that some called impossible.

Because the town was united in a common vision for setting itself aside with a unique plan, the vision is coming to fruition. It is unfolding now, not because everyone agreed with everyone else, but because of a strong united front. They wanted the best for their town and its citizens.

This happened, not because there was not discourse, disagreement or discussion, but because they believed that their common goal was to benefit their town, not any one special interest group, demographic, or neighborhood.

They "Re-Imagined".

I ask you to “Re-Imagine” also.

Consider a conservative candidate who will:

1. Vote to reduce taxes when recommended by experienced guidance.

2. Never vote to mow down 5,000 trees without regard for the taxpayers of Keller.

3. Give thoughtful consideration to all citizens' opinions.

4. Listen respectfully to each and every citizen, even when we have a difference of opinion.

I respectfully ask and honor your vote.
Mitch Holmes

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Keller City Council

Mitch Holmes, Candidate for Keller City Council, Place 1