Does your Charity need a place to work from?

RollaDome has created a Community Hub, with dedicated spaces for, day to day working, meetings, exhibitions, events, for Community organizations, and businesses willing to support the work of our Third sectors here in West London.

Collaborative workspaces it’s great for so many reasons, it is flexibility, networking opportunities, everything is already set up you just plug an start working.

RollaDome Membership gives you full access hot desks, boardroom and meeting rooms, lockers, car parking, Wi-Fi, communal areas as well as the use of kitchens (coffee and tea It's on the house, YESSSS).

Growing your business and any potential business contacts, it is here!

Be part of something that supports your business, and gives you the opportunity to support the growth and development of other SMEs and Third Sector organizations.

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Sharing is Caring

RollaDome has the opportunity to share office space with your Charity, here in Brentford. We have small offices, large open planned spaces, Hot desking.

We are trying to create a place where orgaisaitons can share working space, ideas, network and bring a comprehensive one stop shop to the local community.

If your interested in finding out more, please contact us.