The Toll Gate Tidings Tana

January 3, 2016 Edition

Important Dates to Note


1/6-7 - CAP program for 2nd and 4th grade students

1/7 - PTO meeting - 2nd & 3rd grade updates

1/11 - K-5 Grade Level Meetings

1/12 - 4th grade 'Stroke School'

1/13 - Faculty Council

1/14 - Winter Birthday Celebrations

1/18- Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday - No School

1/20- Spirit Day - "Gator Day"

1/20 - Faculty Meeting

1/22 - 3P to Washington Crossing Nature Center

1/25 - 3O'S to Washington Crossing Nature Center

1/26 - Dr. Smith's monthly visit

1/26 - Additional 90-minute meeting

1/29 - End of 2nd marking period

1/29 - Gator Gathering - K & 3rd grade hosts

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Welcome Back!

I hope everyone has enjoyed the long break, and had some much needed rest and fun this winter break! As we begin our "new year", I am so thankful to be working with such a dedicated and motivated staff. We have some great things to look forward to this second half of the year, and I know if any obstacles that may come our way, we will face them together and overcome. Fortunately, PARCC will only be a one-week test this year, so that's a huge relief! Our students did a great job last year, so this year should be a breeze! (famous last words...) Formal and unannounced observations will start the week of January 10th, so please be aware of that for round 2 (at least if I am your observer). The end of the 2nd marking period will be here soon, so some of our faculty meeting times this month will be dedicated to report cards and ensuring everyone is comfortable using OnCourse for your grades/marks.

So enjoy your Sunday, get in that last needed day of rest, and see you all tomorrow!

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Don't Forget! PD Survey for February 1st

Below, please find a link that you can access to provide us with ​input to guide us as ​

we plan for our early dismissal/inservice afternoon on Feb. 1.

The survey will remain open until January 8 and reminders to participate will be provided upon our return from break.

When convenient. please share your interest as we work to plan ​for ​an afternoon that best meets your needs.

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Just a reminder...

Please remember to get to your assigned duty, or to pick up students from lunch/recess on time. Other staff members are affected when people are tardy. Let's all please work together to help each other out! Thank you!
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Not everyone can retreat to a cave in the Himalayas to find their center. In their research, The Mindful School Leader authors Valerie Brown and Kirsten Olson found that most educators are overwhelmed and often don't take the time for self-care. This quick, 30–60 second breathing strategy demonstrates an easy way to incorporate mindfulness and repose throughout a busy day. Try incorporating this exercise in the morning, before you open e-mail or when you first sit down to your desk; in the afternoon, at the beginning of a lunch break or planning period; and in the evening, as you close out your school work for the day.
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