Cougar Call

Volume 2, Issue 10

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PAC Literary Team Sings Their Way to another Region Title!

On Friday, March 4th the Piedmont Academy Literary Team traveled to Brewton Parker College for the Region 2AA Competition. Piedmont’s stellar performances brought home the region title. Individual results were:

Ivy English- 1st Place Argumentative Essay

Morgan Leach-2nd Place Personal Essay

Jackson Waddleton-3rd Place Rhetorical Essay

Kevin Davis-1st Place Spelling

Will Tillman-1st Place Humorous Oral Interpretation

Steve Martin-3rd Place Dramatic Oral Interpretation

Will Tillman and Danny Ramsdell-2nd Place Duo Oral Interpretation

Chris McClain-1st Place United States Extemporaneous Speaking

Danny Ramsdell-2nd Place International Extemporaneous Speaking

Sara Hammonds-3rd Place Piano

Morgan Leach-2nd Place Girls Solo

Steven Martin-3rd Place Boys Solo

Morgan Leach, Sara Hammonds, Anne Marie Hildebrant-2nd Place Girls Trio

Steve Martin, Danny Ramsdell, Kevin Davis, Will Tillman-3rd Place Boys Quartet

State competition will be held on Wednesday March 16th in Valdosta. Congratulations to our Literary Team, and good luck at State!

By: Joseph Anderson, Savannah Mote, Lauren Bernard, and Mikayla Rigsby

How did Leprechauns come to be? The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Have you ever wondered about the history behind the tiny Irish men at the end of the rainbow? Leprechauns actually have a unique story (besides being the mascot for Lucky Charm’s cereal). Leprechauns are mentioned in mythology as small-bodied fairies who inhabit the island of Ireland. Never a female, these tiny fairies are either cobblers or shoemakers. The greedy leprechauns store gold and treasures to last in times of need. Leprechauns are harmless but enjoy their solitude more than company. If you happen to find one, try interrogating the fairy for some gold; you might get lucky and receive some treasure!

BY: Mikayla Rigsby
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Will You Pinch People Not Wearing Green on St. Patrick's Day?

BY: Savannah Mote
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St. Patrick's Day Jokes

Why can't you iron a four-leaf clover?

Because you shouldn't press your luck!

What type of bow cannot be tied?

A rain-bow!

Why can't you borrow money from a leprechaun?
Because they're always a little short!

Where would you find a leprechaun baseball team?

In the Little League

What do you call a clumsy Irish dance?
A “jig” mistake

Why was the Irish River so rich?
Because it had two banks.

What do you get when two leprechauns have a conversation?
A lot of small talk.

How did the Irish jig get started?

Too much drink and not enough restrooms.

What does a leprechaun call a happy man wearing green?
The Jolly Green Giant.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Irish who?
Irish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

What do you call a fake stone in Ireland?

A sham rock

How can you tell if an Irishman is having a good time?

He's Dublin over with laughter!

BY: Haley Tyler

Diamonds are a Guy's best friend? Baseball has returned!

The varsity Cougars baseball team had its opening game on February the 29th. The Cougars defeated Bethlehem Christian 3-2 here at home. The next game was played against Loganville Christian on February the 1st at Loganville. The Cougars won 8-1. On Saturday the 5th, the Cougars played a double header at Flint River, the Cougars won 6-0. The next game was played against Calgary Christian. The Cougars lost 10-7. The team faced Bethlehem Christian again on Monday the 7th and the Cougars lost 16-3. The Cougars faced off against Gatewood on Tuesday the 8th at Gatewood and lost 15-7. Head Coach, Daniel Funt, said, “We have a lot of areas to improve on. I am excited about the potential and possibilities of the team. We have to continue to work together as a team. We have to do things to play more like a team. We have to check our egos at the door, and I think if we do those things we are going to be very, very successful this year. We are playing a lot early to prepare for the region which starts Thursday. We’re going to learn a lot about the players, and what they can do, but I’m looking forward to it.”

BY: Joseph Anderson

2016 Soccer has Begun

In the last week the girls’ soccer team has begun their season by playing two games. Unfortunately, they lost their first game 3-0 to Creekside, but they sprang back to win the second game 6-0 over Lake Oconee. The girls also played Augusta Prep. for their first region game and lost 10-0. Even though the girls have won a game, the team is confident that they need and will improve even more. Ryn Smith says, “We need to improve on passing and working more as a team.”

The boys are kicking it off to a great start by winning their first game against Creekside 2-1. Sam Younker and Ian Boyd both scored goals. The boys also faced Augusta Prep. for their first region game, and were defeated 11-0. After winning their first game, the team hopes to improve even more. Logan Connor said, “We need to score more goals and work better as a team.”

BY: Savannah Mote

What's all the "Racket"?

The Piedmont Academy is starting off the season with a bang! For the boys singles, Danny Ramsdell is number 1 and Steve Martin is number 2. For the girls singles, Gracie Hunt is number 1, Mattie Smith is number 2 and Anne Marie Hildebrant is number 3. Kylie Garner and Haley Tyler are the number 1 doubles team, and Emma Kate Edmonds and Grayson Bradley are the number 2 doubles. The team has their first match on Monday MArch, 14 at Briarwood. The tennis team would also like to give a huge shout out to Collins Trucking, Coach Tanner and Mr. Tanner for the tennis balls!

BY: Lauren Benard

PAC 's 2016 Tennis Team

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Prom Posals

Teacher Spotlight - Ms. Traci Brady

Mrs. Traci Brady, Piedmont’s very own Leonardo Da Vinci, has been selected for Cougar Call’s teacher spotlight. She came to Piedmont seven years ago, wanting to work closer to home, and states that, “It has been such a blessing to be surrounded by books every day.” One of her favorite parts of working at Piedmont Academy is the close-knit, family atmosphere.

Mrs. Brady graduated from Heritage High School where she was the gymnastics manager for two years as well as a member of the Spanish Club. She went off to Dekalb College for one year, then transferred to GA Southern to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Education. She later got her Master’s in Education from GA College. She is now married to Scott Brady with three kids: Mack (16), Owen (15), and Harris (11).

When not at Piedmont, Mrs. Brady enjoys gardening, watching her kids play baseball, and, of course, reading. Her favorite color is turquoise, and her favorite food is seafood.

BY: Sarah Holland

The Bible is for YOU!

I know that for a lot of people, the Bible can seem intimidating and confusing. Don’t be discouraged, I was once there too (and I still work on it every day). Fears and worries of not understanding or being inadequate can distort our view of the Bible. But God’s Word is not just for the theologians or professors; it is for you, and it is for now. Hebrews 4:16 states, “Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” Approach God’s Word with confidence—not because of who we are, but because of who we are in Him.

The Bible in a sense is our life source. It is God’s love letter to us; His Word is alive and active and penetrates into our soul and spirit (Hebrews 4:12). What can you base your truth on in a world that is ever changing? The Bible and its promises are eternal; the Word of the Lord remains forever (Isaiah 40:8). But where do you begin? How do you read and comprehend? Always start with prayer in order to ask the Holy Spirit to help guide you in all truth (this promise is in John 16:13-15). Isn’t it amazing that we can pray to the very Author for wisdom and understanding? As for Bible reading plans, I love the teachings of She Reads Truth/ He Reads Truth; however, you don’t need a plan to read your Bible. Start small with one chapter like Romans and be prepared to read personal life-giving truths!

Always remember that even when you don’t open your Bible, God’s love for you doesn’t change. His love for you is unconditional and complete. “For I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.”(Jeremiah 31:3)

By: Mikayla Rigsby

For more information on this subject, I recommend the study guide Open Your Bible by Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams from the She Reads Truth staff. I learned so much through this amazing book!

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Editorial: Is Prom Worth it?

Bright lights and sweaty high school students. Pumping songs and scattering heels. Sophisticated tuxedos and pricey sparkling gowns. The picture obviously depicts a bustling prom night that all teens await anxiously most of their high school years. The glamour of dressing up and/or having a date, fascinates the majority of young girls as a chance to spend a night of fun. However, as much “fun” as it seems, these beliefs are sometimes overrated. One evening of dancing and a meal shouldn’t be worth spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. On the other hand, most people know prom as a night to remember!

Although prom may seem that “once in a lifetime magical fairytale night,” many have a different opinion. “Prom is not worth the prices of dresses, and I feel like prom puts extra unwanted pressure on girls to find dates,” says Sarah Holland (12th grade). A “perfect” dress laced with the precious money of a teen’s parents can be quickly spoiled with a spill of a punch cup or slip of sauce. Afterwards, the user soon tucks that dress in the back of a closet, never to be worn again. “I have a collection of about six of my daughters’ prom dresses. Two of the dresses were actually worn twice, and I have given one to a student. Mostly, they now hang in the closet looking pretty,” says Ms. Angie Marks, mother of two twenty-something daughters.

The memories of prom night may be long enjoyed. But even though prom can be seen as a spectacular night of no worries, the same feeling can be accomplished later in life with much less money. College does offer a few opportunities for formal dances that don’t require the stresses of prom night, and grown-ups do attend balls and formal occasions.

Prom, although exciting and enjoyable, provides a costly evening not necessarily worth the stress and energy that comes with going to it. Fun doesn't have to rely on the price of a dress or the fanciness of a venue. The desire to dress up and be worry free for a high school night shouldn’t be downplayed; however, later in life, high school prom nights can be viewed by some as a waste.

Most proms will always be remembered by the everyone who attended that amazing night. “That was the best night ever!” said Mikayla Rigsby as a freshman after her first prom night. At the end of the day, after all of the stressful events leading up to the big night, most agree that prom is worth it.

By: Lauren Bernard

Senior Diary


Dairy Queen is a life-saver. Without it’s biscuits in the mornings, I would have starved. The speedy service is perfect when I am running late. I can get there at 7:55, and still arrive at school somewhere around eight o’clock. True to it’s southern customers, Dairy Queen has mastered the recipe for sweet tea. It perfectly compliments those classic sausage biscuits. When I am irreparably late, an extra biscuit comes in handy to pacify an ornery homeroom teacher. Dairy Queen is reliable, delicious, and has great ice cream. What’s not to love?


The definition of a Senior: One who has perfected the art of procrastination. Essays and reading assignments are a group effort. We all discuss ideas and details together. Anyone who has not read or written is encouraged and/ or ridiculed, but we all wait until crunch time to get most things finished. Everyone takes a class trip up to the printer if an essay is involved, and the class reviews if a novel was supposed to be read. This tradition has been into effect for years, but, this year, we don’t just wait until the day before or even the morning of. Everyone usually pulls together a class or two before the deadline. After four years of high school, the only difference between us and professional procrastinators is the salary.


Trivia Crack is comin’ back! Most high schoolers remember this game from last year. Challenging teachers was a favorite among our class. Now, a few stragglers are bringing it back. Friendships might be shattered, teachers could crush dreams, but we are ready for the challenge. This year, we are more experienced and have a few more classes under our belts. With our level of boredom and lack of any motivation, this game can get pretty intense. So, beginners beware!


Dress Code policy is a thing? Maybe for some people, but not all… As much as I want to wear fuzzy pajama pants, a long t-shirt and my house slippers, I sadly can't.. But is Piedmont's dress code that hard to abide by? Jeans and a Piedmont collared shirt… is it THAT hard? Leggings, hoodies, and slippers are NOT dress code. That's what dress down day is for. (: If dress code is supposed to be enforced everyone should dress the same!


I can wear my pajamas to college!?!? Finally, I can just roll out of bed and go to school! After all of the years of waking up and putting on the Piedmont Academy uniform, I'll never have to put on a collared shirt again!! After thinking, will I REALLY wear pajamas to class?? Ehh, probably not. Maybe every once in awhile when I just can't and won't get out of bed! Well, that's probably going to be everyday so yes, I will wear pajamas to college!

***Please read this with discretion. Exaggerations used for comedic effect.

BY: Haley Tyler and Sarah Holland

Paws At A Glance


  • NO SCHOOL- student holiday

  • Varsity girls soccer VS. Lagrange- home-@ 5

  • Varsity boys soccer VS. Lagrange- home-@6:30

  • One Act Lock in


  • Middle school baseball VS. Bethlehem Christian Academy- home-@4:00- double header

  • B-team baseball VS. Gatewood- away-@4:30

  • Tennis @ Briarwood @3:30


  • Varsity baseball VS. Gatewood-home-@4:30

  • Middle School girls soccer VS. John Milledge-home-@3:30

  • Varsity girls soccer VS. John Milledge-home-@4:30

  • Varsity boys soccer VS. John Milledge- home-@6:30


  • 4th and 5th grade chapel @1:00

  • Track @Brentwood

  • State literary at Valdosta



  • Varsity baseball VS. Mon Don- away-@4:30

  • Tennis VS. Mon Don- away-@3:30- double header

  • Middle school girls soccer VS. Watkinsville- home-4:30

  • Golf VS. Loganville-Monroe-@4:30

  • Kiwanas Talent Show


  • Middle school baseball VS. JMA-home-@4:00-double header

  • B-team baseball VS. Oak Mountain-@4:30- double header

  • Varsity girls soccer VS. LaGrange-away-@5:30

  • Varsity boys soccer VS. LaGrange-away-@6:30


  • Robotics competition

  • Varsity baseball VS. Flint River-home-@11:00


  • Varsity baseball VS. JMA-home-@3:30

  • Golf VS. Gatewood-home-@3:30

  • Middle school baseball VS. Gatewood-away- @4:30

  • B team baseball VS. JMA-home-@5:30


  • Varsity baseball VS. Windsor-home-@4:30

  • Senior Cap and Gown pictures @2:10


  • B team baseball VS. Bethlehem Christian-home-@4:30

  • Track @ Trinity

  • Golf @ Flint River

BY: Haley Tyler