RACE into Summer!

June Territory RACE event! June 13th-18th

What's it all about?

You can't decide this morning that you are going to pick a bouquet of flowers from your garden, unless weeks ago, you prepared the flower bed, planted the seeds, fertilized the plants regularly, pulled weeds, etc.

Likewise, you won't be able to add up the new sales you get in the door 60-90 days from now unless you make the contacts, schedule appointments, run appointments and ask for the business. There is no substitute for lots and lots of contact with prospects and clients now to lead to your future!

All that being said, the first of the month has arrived which means we are back in RACE mode. Since it's the end of the quarter and bonuses for all are on the line, I would encourage each district and every rep to take full advantage of this RACE event!

It's all about activity. Dials, drops, appointments, and master apps! Hopefully your quarter is all moving toward this month so you will have a lot of New Account Information Sheets flying in!

How do you win?

This RACE event will be all about points. Can you do enough activity to win with most points? In this business, Activity is key to your success.

How do you earn points?


Dial = 1 pt

Drop = 3 pts

Appointment set = 5 pts

Master App signed = 25 pts

*Reporting must be done daily. Please use the reporting tool CLICK HERE

What are the prizes?

1st place will win $100 visa gift card

2nd place will win $50 visa gift card

3rd place will win $25

What's the fine print?

*all applicable winnings will be added to the winners year-end 1099.

*Minimum of 300 pts. to be eligible to win.

*Reporting must be done daily for the numbers to count.

*Appointment points are awarded when a NEW appointment set with a Decision Maker of a business.

*Broker appointments do not count UNLESS the brokerage will be offering Colonial Life as a new account

*Referral Points are awarded by obtaining a NEW referral during the RACE week. You will only receive points if you successfully set an appointment with the referral.