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If you have stayed up late at night watching infomercials you may have bought a real estate investing course. Heck you may have bought a few of them. What you will have found is that the infomercials made it sound like it was a lot easier to make money with real estate than it really is. People with giant checks and huge paydays makes it sound awesome and a great way to make some serious money.

Take it from someone who has invested in real estate and bought and flipped property. It is not as easy as they make it sound. It is a lot of work to make this dream become a reality. The first house I bought and flipped I made $36,000 on. It was split between my partner and I so we ended up making $18,000 each.

Sounds awesome right? Actually it was pretty awesome but I gave up virtually every weekend for the entire summer. Plus lots of late nights working on the property too. I was busy running my own business and flipping this house as a side project. Would I do it again? Yes, the money was too good to pass up. But now that I am a little older with 2 young kids I would really have to think hard about whether I wanted to miss my time with them in lieu of some extra cash.

The good news is that there are some alternative ways that you can invest in real estate without having to spend all of your free time trying to fix up an old house. One of those ways is investing in a real estate investment trust or REIT for short.

The way that these REIT’s work is that you buy shares or invest a lump sum into the REIT and in turn get a return from the growth of the value of the REIT as well as dividends from the profits from the rents on the property in the portfolio.

Most REIT’s invest in commercial property. This may include apartment buildings, shopping malls, warehouses and large office buildings.

The other cool thing is that you can invest in the REIT’s all around the world. It is a great way to diversify you investment portfolio. A perfect example of this is IAM Group Ltd which is an alternative real estate investing company with properties in Canada. The IAM Group holdings consist of apartments, large retail buildings, industrial complexes and commercial offices.

Why would you want to invest with the IAM Group Ltd and their real estate portfolio? There are many benefits but I’ll just give you a few; predictable returns, low volatility, stable long term returns and a hedge against inflation.

If you want a simpler way to invest in real estate I would seriously consider investing in a REIT. Not only that but I would recommend investing in REIT’s worldwide and I would start off with IAM Group Ltd.

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