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Week 18 Update: Las Week of the Semester

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and happy New Year!

Our course will close on Friday, Jan. 8th @ 11:55 pm. All parts of the Final Exam are due by this deadline. Your student should be able to see their final 2nd Quarter grade. They should also be able to see their 1st Quarter grade. It is important that both you and your student check this information. Here is how the grade percentages break down:

  • Q1=37.5%
  • Q2=37.5%
  • Final Exam=25%

The final exam is made up of 3 parts: Leer y Escuchar (reading and listening) and the Proyecto Final (2 Parts). It is important that all parts of the Final Exam be completed. If a student scores 100% on the Leer y Escuchar but fails to complete the Project then that student will earn a 50% as their Final Exam grade.

As I've mentioned before the FE: Proyecto Final is super important and to help clarify what students are supposed to do I created the following video which was posted before Winter Break in my announcements. Please encourage your student to watch it before they start planning out their project.

Sra. Blachy's Final Exam RLC

Tuesday, Jan. 5th, 4pm

This is an online event.

Other FE RLCs this week:
  • 1/5 @ 7 pm: Sra. Melo
  • 1/6 @ 6 pm: Sr. Martin
  • 1/7 @ 6 pm: Sra. Fagerberg

Contact Sra. Blachy

Please use my doodle link below to schedule a phone conference with me to discuss your student's progress.