The Weekly Griffin

Week of January 27, 2019 - #BuildingABetterGriffin

AdvancED Parent Surveys

Please use the following link to respond to the Parent Culture & Climate Survey. This survey is used by the state department for school report card information. Thank you for your feedback.

The window to complete the survey closes Thursday, January 31st.

What's Ahead...

  • January 29 - CTC Open House for Prospective Families, 8:30-10:00am & 6:00-7:00pm

  • January 30 - Career Day, 9:00-10:30am (3rd-5th Grade)

  • January 31 - AdvancED Climate & Culture Parent Survey Due (CLICK HERE!)

  • January 31 - PTA Faculty & Staff Appreciation Luncheon

  • January 31 - Last day to nominate for ACE Award (see below)

  • February 2 - RSVP Deadline for Lunch on Feb 7th (Digital Safety Workshop) (CLICK HERE!)

  • February 7 - Digital Safety And Citizenship Workshop, 12:30pm in Vegas

*Save the Date - 2nd Annual Black History Month Program: Thursday, February 28th @ 6:00pm

5th Grade Mural Project

This year, Mrs. Mollye Spitler, Sterling School art educator, partnered with Metropolitan Arts Council's SmartARTS program. SmartARTS helps connect local artists with Greenville schools to teach arts integrated units. Mrs. Spitler worked with Adam Schrimmer, a local mural artist, to plan the project based around Sterling P.R.I.D.E. and to bring our 5th grade classes together to encourage more teamwork, collaboration and unity. Sterling P.R.I.D.E. stands for Positivity, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Empathy. Our school encourages students to embody these character traits and appreciate our school's diversity.

To help our students connect and understand what these words mean, we chose a quote we could use in our mural. The quote by Bono states, "To be one, to be united is a great thing...but to respect the right to be different is maybe even greater." Our hope is that this quote would help our students illustrate ideas and concepts that make our school great: Unity in Differences and Respecting our Differences. With Adam's help we created a "pollinator" garden, illustrating flowers, bugs, bats, etc that are all very different in nature and appearance, but work together for a larger purpose. Students' drawings were scanned into the computer and combined to make the image for our mural. Adam transferred the image onto the container, then 5th grade students painted all the color. Every 5th grade student participated in the painting process during their art class time. The collaborative painting process took about two months to complete.

We are so very proud of our students! They worked well together to accomplish this huge mural project. They showed respect and appreciation for their classmates/teammates who all contributed to the mural in different ways. For years to come, this piece will serve as a reminder of the importance of appreciating our differences and of respecting one another.

Last Friday, a ribbon cutting and school wide celebration culminated the event. Many thanks to all who attended and celebrated in the completion of this beautiful work of art! #GriffinPRIDE #WeAreBetterTogether #BuildingABetterGriffin #WholeChild

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National Junior Art Honor Society

Last Friday, several of our students were inducted into our school's chapter of the National Junior Art Honor Society! The Art Honor Society was founded over 40 years ago as a way to inspire and recognize students who have shown an outstanding ability and interest in art. The program supports and unites 40,000 members nationwide in their efforts to attain the highest standards in art, scholarship, character, and art service to the school and community. #BuildingABetterGriffin #WholeChild

Congratulations to our newly inducted members:

Maggie Aiesi

Lilla Bognar

Lucy Brewer

Jaylen Freeman

Leran Fu

Ellie Kate Grant

Hannah Hendrix (absent in the photo)

Tarini Karpe

Sierra Kremenliev

Sarah McClellan (absent in the photo)

Grace Peters

Siena Smallidge

Mia Williams

Clara Wilson

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2019 Greenville All-County Band & Region Follow-Up

Congratulations to these eleven students (pictured above) who made the 2019 Greenville All-County Band! Three out of these eleven students earned 1st chair in their instrument category, a record for our school! Come hear these students perform, along with other Greenville County students on Friday, March 1st at Riverside High School.

Also, congratulations to the following students for making state callbacks: Emma Bao, Lydia Edney, Stephanie Hu, and Danika Yang. These students gave a great performance at Region Band and received a call back to audition for All State. #BuildingABetterGriffin #WholeChild

Save the Date: 2nd Annual Black History Month Celebration Feb. 28th @ 6:00pm

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The Brain & Stress Partnership

Sterling School 7th grade science students recently worked with Dr. Linnea Freeman and her neuroscience students from Furman University to understand brain anatomy and how stress affects the brain. Students did sheep brain dissections and located the anatomical structures that are involved in stress response. Many thanks to Ms. Cooper & Mrs. Gordon for spearheading this partnership and opportunity for our students! #BuildingABetterGriffin #WholeChild

Sterling School's Relay for Life Team

We are making a difference by teaming up to participate in the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life. Saving lives from cancer starts one team, one participant, and one dollar at a time. Please join our team or make a donation. The impact we can make together is much greater than what any of us could do alone!

Greenville’s Relay for Life is Saturday, May 18th, 2019 at Conestee Park.

Relay Club meetings began last Wednesday. We'll meet each Wednesday until May 15th in the Media Center. Any 3rd-8th graders interested may come to these meetings.

Digital Safety And Citizenship Workshop

Thursday, February 7th at 12:30pm

  • Hosted by the our school's PTA
  • Free catered lunch for all attendees!
  • All parents and guardians are invited
  • RSVP now to secure your spot, because space is limited!

Parenting in the digital age is complex! PTA strives to help children act safely, responsibly and thoughtfully online.

Digital Wellness is being aware of how you spend your time online. It includes being mindful of your online presence and footprint; how you interact with social networks, games and apps; the ways you protect your identity; and how you balance your time online within your daily life.

Our workshop will have two parts:

1. Rick Floyd will give a very informative and insightful presentation about digital safety. Mr. Floyd has decades of experience working for law enforcement and our school district in the fields of digital safety and internet crimes against children/teens.

2. Parents will receive practical instructions on how to use Smart Talk Conversations in their own home to encourage open and honest conversations about digital safety and citizenship. The Smart Talk empowers families to create a personalized contract of ground rules for internet usage.

Get Involved...Our Students Need YOU!

Did you know Greenville, SC ranked 3rd among cities in the United States of citizens who volunteer most? According to Barna's recent report, 27% of survey participants reported that they volunteer for a nonprofit organization on a weekly basis. On behalf of the faculty and staff at Sterling School, we appreciate our volunteers! THANK YOU for generously supporting our students and school community with your time, energy, and care! #BuildingABetterGriffin
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Preventing the Spread of Colds & Flu

Each school has a comprehensive health and safety plan, which includes daily disinfection of restrooms, health rooms, water coolers, desks and doorknobs. We work closely with the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) and follow DHEC’s guidelines for all diseases. Each Greenville County public school has a school nurse who assesses students with flu-like symptoms. Any student with a fever of 100 degrees or higher is sent home. School nurses and teachers always emphasize the importance of good hygiene, including frequent hand washing and cough techniques to reduce the spread of viruses.

To fight the spread of illness, your child should:

  • Stay home if sick.
  • Wash hands thoroughly and often.
  • Cover cough with sleeve.
  • Stay away from people who are sick.
  • Do not share eating utensils, food, or drinks.
  • Eat a healthy diet and get plenty of rest.

If your child complains about not feeling well, please check their temperature before sending them to school. Do not send your child to school if they have a fever.

Your child should not return to school until they have been fever-free without the help of Tylenol or another product for 24 hours, has not vomited for 24 hours, and has not had diarrhea for 24 hours. If your child starts to have symptoms of the flu, call your healthcare provider or your local health department for guidance.

Make sure that your child’s school has your current telephone numbers.

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Sterling School Jr. Betas Shine @ State Convention

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We are so proud of our Jr. Betas who traveled last week to the State Convention to compete with other schools across our state. Collectively, our students received 16 awards! They had a wonderful time and exemplified #GriffinPRIDE.

Many thanks to our faculty sponsors and parent chaperones for making this opportunity possible! #BuildingABetterGriffin #WholeChild

The following students placed in these categories:

Elementary School:

Book Battle - 1st place: Jackson Williams, Genevieve Kosanivich, & Sharon Antony

Quiz Bowl - 3rd place: Brandon Xu, Jordan Dunbar, Agustya Gupta, & Sash Sivaraman

Language Arts - 4th place: Talon Carswell

Science - 1st place: Ryan Alioua

Math - 2nd place: Aditya Harikumar

Social studies - 1st place: Will Schumacher

Digital Art - 1st place: Katie Ann Guth

Creative Writing - 1st place: Rishika Talati

Middle School:

Fiber Arts - 4th place: Emma Bao

Quiz Bowl - 5th place: Garner Hart, Julia Pascoe, Thomas Schumacher, Danika Yang, & Franio Wlodarczyk

Science - 5th place: Rishita Tikkala

Math - 2nd place: Emma Bao

Speech - 2nd place: Jackie Park

3D design - 5th place: Emily Li & Kaylen Jones

T-shirt design - 1st place: Masie Hollingsworth, Maggie Austin, Kayla Bowes, Lydia Edney, Naja Davis, & Edie Youngblood

Performing Arts- 2nd place: Yashu Ranganathan

The CTC Newspaper: 2nd Edition

Extra, Extra, Read All About It! The first edition of the CTC Newspaper, our school's student newspaper, is out! (CLICK HERE!) A student newspaper teaches and reinforces a lot of skills that will benefit students today and tomorrow. Students who participate in a student newspaper learn a lot of workplace skills such as management, meeting deadlines, and communicating with others. School newspapers also enforce a need for teamwork. As our students continue to learn how to write, edit, and publish a regular newspaper, you will see further developments. Thank you, in advance, for supporting our students by taking a few minutes to read and support their work! #BuildingABetterGriffin #WholeChild