New Country Newly Founded!

Move to the Learned States!

Learned States

There is a BRAND NEW country all set up to go! The first president, Riley P, is looking for people to move there! The country has a law against nuts, and you must be smart (no mental issues, and must have known basic math facts by age of 10). This is a free country and the people who live there decide most laws, and what people go in their government!* You can enjoy the freedom of being free! Just love chickens, follow the "easy-to-follow-laws", and pay the 1% of your salary taxes, and your free to go!

Constitution of Learned States


- Chickens are a treasured animals and have the same rights as all other free people (so they can vote!).

-People must be respectful and safe in every way they can.

-All rights belong to the people in the country NOT being held to leave because of mental issues. **

-If government goes out of control, citizens may take over and restart a government following laws.

-People can vote on new laws and amendments.

-Firearms are only used for hunting, in war by approved people in the military, and in emergency rebelling against government situations.

-The military’s laws and control must be kept to a minimum, but will be decided on by the states.

-Emergency defense systems are determined by voting by states

Things not allowed:

-No nuts allowed (for allergy reasons)

-No death sentences unless determined needed.

-People may not severely harm others mentally, verbally, or physically. If done, the person(s) who did it must pay $10,000 (if more than one... each) and go to jail for 2 years.

-Income may not be under $1.75 per hour.

-(more about**) You must be extremely smart to be in the country (must know basic math facts by age 10, and nobody can live there with mental issues. If child is born with issues, the government must help the family get into a new country and while waiting the family is allowed to stay until they can leave.)

-People have control over their things and may not be taken without reason.

-Income may not be under $1.75 per hour

Other things need to know about the government:

-Illegal immigrants will not be tolerated and must be determined if they will be sent back, or kept and helped to become a citizen. Immigrants are sent to one of three buildings around the country that are owned by the government. There, they get background checks and other things to decide (by court) if they can stay.

- A president chosen every decade, or if the current president dies before it is over, then the states must vote on a new one to start a new term. Must be over 18 (*) and must have been born in the Learned States (this takes place 21 years after the first immigrants settle in the beginning) and lived there legally for 14 years.

- The following people are in the government.

President, 25 people to make laws (president accepts or denies them), 3 judges per state,one mayor per state, the First Chicken who is the oldest living Mc. Cluckers relitive (see the bottom of the page for info on Mc. Clucker) who is like the vise president and 10 others to help create laws per state (30 states in country), and voted by people over 11.


- 1% of income made by a household per household every 2 months. Half of the total states amount goes to the whole country’s gov, and the rest goes to the states. The taxes are always spent on things needed in the state or country.






*Besides the president for 10 years because given president is Riley P.


See link to basic plan at (above):