President of the U.S back then.

Was it Easy or Hard?

International Relations

The war between the French and Britain was hard for the U.S because they had to decide what side to take.This war happened in 1793.

Also there was a lot of unanswered questions that needed to be answered.This made it difficult because without these questions answered there would be a lot of confusion between people and countries.

The Shawnee Warriors fought the Indian Governor William Henry Harrison. In this battle Harrison won. These two fought because the Indians were on the land Harrison wanted and thought he needed.They fought in the year 1811. This made it difficult because they were trying to expand America and there was an Indian tribe in the way.

Internal Divisions

The U.S during this time had a lot going on. The French and the British people were attacking the U.S ships. This made it difficult because the United States ships were being ruined and they wouldn't have a lot of ships left to ship things out.

The U.S finally passed the 12th amendment. The amendment said that they needed a different ballot for Vice President and President. Before they passed this amendment it was difficult because everyone was voting from two people in one ballot and they had a lot of confusion between the two people that were being voted for.

The Nations Capital had to be moved into the District of Columbia.

The U.S made Embargo Act that made the American ships go back out to sea.This made it difficult because the french and British kept attacking. So John Adams said if the cease there attacks he will stop trading with the French and British Enemies.

Washington's army was disbanded because they didn't have enough money. Also, the standing army could take away there Liberty. This made it difficult because the United didn't have a army to go fight and if they got there Liberty taken away there would be lot of arguing and fighting.

The U.S finally got a new system of government. Before they got the new system of Government it was difficult because they didn't know how to punish people who did crimes.

Important People of the time back then.