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This is the ideal platform for an individual to develop their marketing skills. The project includes various activities which will help the individual in self development.

Job Description

"Week 1 :
1. Initiate market research studies and analyze their findings.
2. Plan marketing and branding objectives.
3. Identify and implement major strategies for growth and expansion.
4. Conducting market research, for example using customer questionnaires and focus groups
"Week 2 :
1. Formulate, direct and coordinate marketing activities and policies to promote services, working with advertising and promotion managers
2. Design and publication of internal communications, Monitoring and controlling of roll out status and coordination of monthly reporting
3. Join project of designing advertisement and sales promotion
4. Managing the production of marketing materials, including leaflets, posters, flyers, newsletters, e-newsletters and DVDs"
"Week 3 :
1. Develop and lead a marketing team that will develop and execute new concepts, business models, channels and partners to position business as innovator and leader.
2. Developing guidelines
3. Evaluate the financial aspects of product development, such as budgets, expenditures, research and development appropriations, and return-on investment and profit-loss projections.
4. Managing a portfolio of accounts"
"Week 4 :
1. To use PC tools (Microsoft Office), dynamic worksheets, databases and other tools to facilitate information analysis delivered by the client.
2. Monitor, improve, and update the performance of the existing web sites
3. Social Media Planning and Scheduling. Using Tools, provide additional research when needed to augment Social Media Optimize
4. Finding your brands target audience online. Conducting promotional campaigns on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, G+ accounts, etc. as well as managing the fan page"
"Week 5 :
1. Responsible for training of staff on the use of IT resources periodically
2. Engage consumers on social media.
3. Create and conceptualize social media strategy. Execution of successful link popularity campaigns. Manage social media Campaigns and day-to-day activities
4. Develop pricing strategies, balancing firm objectives and customer satisfaction"
"Week 6 :
1. Support the documentation and maintenance of process & quality management assets
2. Monitoring competitor activity
3. Delivering sales presentations
4. Reports on evolution of the entire period of internship."

What we Expect from you!

  1. Skills :Training/ Facilitating skills,Organizational Management, Leadership skills, Presentation skills, Marketing / Selling skills, Financial Management skills.
  2. Languages: English
  4. Issues:Cross-cultural dialogues, Leadership, Organizational development.
  5. Study levels:Undergraduate, Associate Degree, High School.

Learning Points

1. improve knowledge , skill and abilities to meet career goals.
2. gain experience by working with children of pre school and developing a network of professional networks.
3.knowledge concerning the city and local language culture

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Development spaces and Expected results

Development spaces:

-EP Buddy system
-Including them in all the LC Forums

Expected results:

"-An Impact Report needs to be submitted by the intern covering his/her entire experience
during the internship.
-A Case Study is to be prepared by the intern about his/her experience.
-A Video Case Study of his/her experience is to be submitted to the Local
Committee at the end of the internship.
-The intern should use the EP Blog to write about his/her experience.
-weekly report submitted to the SCHOOL before leaving."

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