Bailey County

By: Britney Loyd


Welcome to Bailey County! Bailey County has tons of fun places to visit and lots of cool and exciting things to see. Here are some of the great things we have in Bailey County.

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The Muleshoe Haritage Center

The Muleshoe Heritage Center is an amazing museum of 6 outdoor buildings filled with activities and artifacts that admire life in the United States' West Texas ranching country. The Muleshoe Heritage Center is also a great place for bridal showers, receptions, and reunions.

Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge

The Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge has lots of wildlife to see. The Muleshoe NWR is the oldest national wildlife refuge in Texas! It was established on October 24, 1935. It is a wintering area for migrating waterfowl and sandhill cranes. They are a real beauty to see.

Bailey Park

Bailey Parks was once the site of the Charles L. Bailey commercial fishery. There are lots of fun things to see at Bailey Park like the fishery and the chicken coop!

Bailey is a historical and family-friendly county. We welcome you with open arms!