2021 is here!

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Dear Inlet View Parents, guardians, and students.

Happy New Year to you and your family! I hope the transition back to school this week has been smooth! We have an exciting second semester planned.

On January 19th students in grades K, 1st, 2nd and 2/3 combo will be coming to our building to start in person learning. This is the result of the effort and determination of the Inlet View staff to develop a plan that provides a safe environment for students and faculty members so school can operate as smooth as possible while staying symptom free.

Grades 3–6 will continue with current Zoom and online classes; however, the District’s goal is to bring them back as soon as possible after our first tier of students.

The Inlet View Mitigation Plan can be found HERE

Additionally, we will ALWAYS practice the following three procedures during the day.

  • Wear masks
  • Wash hands/Use hand sanitizer
  • Stay Physically Distant
Classroom teachers will review main procedures with their classes before Jan 19th.

If you have time you can share this short video (2.45 seconds)with your children. Dr. Gene Beresin the executive director for The Center for young healthy minds at Mass General Hospital, provides five tips to help students with return to school. Watch the video HERE

We look forward to enjoying your children this second semester. We can't wait to have little feet walking in our building.Thank you for your trust in us!

In education,

Patricia Ahrens

Your Principal

IB Learner Profile of this month is OPEN MINDED

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How parents can help their children embrace the IB learner Profile at home?

An Open-Minded student knows that all people are different. They listen to the points of view of others and consider many possibilities before making a decision.

They celebrate the differences that make all people unique.

How can parents help to develop this Open-Minded trait at home?

· Encourage your child to try new things – new foods, new games and new activities.

· Expose your child to different festivals, celebrations and traditions and be sure to present them in a non-judgmental way.

· Encourage your child to really listen to others when they speak.

· Introduce literature about many different cultures into your home library. Be sure that it is appropriate and reflects the culture in an appropriate way.

When you observe your child being Open-Minded, reinforce this positive behavior and use the PYP

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Hello Inlet View!

Since we have not been having regular art classes this year, we’re asking you to SHOW US YOUR ART.

There is a virtual bulletin board for you to display your art, which is shared with the Inlet View Community. It’s like putting your work on the bulletin boards in the hallway for others to see.

Click the link to the Inlet View Gallery HERE, and follow the three steps to taking a picture and posting your artwork. Don’t forget to type your NAME before pressing ‘save’. Gracias :)

There is an administrator of the Padlet site, so after it is approved, it will be there for others to see. After you press ‘save’, give it a ½ day or so and check back to see you work posted. In the meantime, check out the other art that is on display.

We can’t wait to see the art you have been creating. Thank you for sharing!

Mark your Calendars!

January 13 & 14: Asynchronous days (No zoom meetings, teachers will be prepping for student return. Zooms will resume on Friday, Jan. 15)

January 14: PTA meeting

January 18: MLK Jr. Holiday (No school)

January 19: School re-entry for grades K-2 and 2/3 combo

Inlet View Mission Statement

Inlet View Elementary focuses on the development of the whole child as a knowledgeable inquirer, both in the classroom and abroad. We aim to develop caring, respectful, and mindful people who recognize their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet.

We will empower students to successfully solve real world problems and strengthen their enjoyment of working towards a goal. We will facilitate learning and support all students so they become compassionate, engaged life-long learners, who help to create a more caring and peaceful world.

Thank you to our School Business Partners for their support!

Anchorage School Board

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Margo Bellamy

Star Marsett

Andy Holleman

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