biotechnology project

how is DNA used in biotechnology?

DNA is used in biotechnology to change the genes of something to make i look better sell better or make healthier.

how is biotechnology used in dna testing?

biotechnology is used in DNA testing through finger print testing.

how is biotchnology used in heath (making medicines)?

The way biotechnology is helpful to our health is a wide range of things. it can make vaccines and medicines to determining the specific origin of the disease, producing don-medical diagnosis methods, and creating organs or transplants.

how is biotechnology used in aguculture

bio technology is used in agriculture it has created a disease resistant wear type by mixing different wheat.

how is biotechnology used in enviromental clean up?

it cleans up the enviroment from cleaning up oil and gases to using renewable resources.

how is bio technology bad for the enviroment

There are essentually no bad effects nor is biotechnology harmful to the society

N.C. reserch centers focused on biotechnology.

north carolina biotechnology.