Apps for Learning

Scott Ledieu EDU 210

Nova Elements

This app provides an interactive periodic table. Students can search the periodic table, build molecules, and watch instructional videos.

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BrainPOP featured movie

BrainPOP is a service that provides animated educational videos for students. There are videos that cover a vast number of subjects such as social studies, language arts, mathematics and the sciences. This app is free to use

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Algebra Touch

Algebra touch is an app that presents algebraic equations on your smart phone and allows you to interact with the equation on your screen. You can breakdown and simplify equations on your screen to help learn how to solve them. This app is $2.99 CA

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Froguts Frog Dissection

This is an app that can be downloaded for $3.99 CA and allows students to "dissect" a frog. This is a great alternative to the traditional dissection assignment for a number of reasons. Students who may be "grossed out" should be able to handle this clean, scent free alternative. This app is also good because it would allow students who may have made a mistake to go back and try again without having to use a new frog.

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This is an online database that holds video recordings of lectures at TED conferences. Students can access the different lectures from the app for free. Students could show a clip from a lecture and lead discussion on the points that are made. Students can simply watch the different lectures to expand their own knowledge.

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