Newsletter Jan 19-22

Mrs. Calta & Mss Barnett



Jan 16 Happy Birthday to Audrey and Ella!!

Jan 18 MLK Holiday

Jan 19 Casa Mañana field trip permission slips and $7.50 ticket fee are due. Make checks out to WES. Thanks!

Jan 23 Happy Birthday to Declan!!

Jan 25 Happy Birthday to Mckinley and Kaitlyn

Jan 25- Jan 28 Swimming Program scheduled.

Jan 29 Next Spelling Test

Jan 29 Jump Rope for Heart kick-off

Feb 11 Casa Manana (see below for chaperon rifle selection)

Apr 15 World Fest

2nd 9 weeks!!

Reading: Next week we will be reading: Then and Now/ Ahora y Siempre (Benjamin Franklin). We will do several activities with these texts to build comprehension and fluency.

Language: We will focus on: Antonyms and synonyms

Spelling: Friday Jan 29 .

Math: Subtraction with two digit numbers,

Social Studies: How innovations and technology change the way we live.

Science: Natural sources of freshwater and saltwater


* Please sign and return the green official LISD permission form for our Water Safety Program. Sorry for the redo but this form is required along with the previous one.

* Please save a pringle can for a future project coming soon.

* In both classes, we will be starting taking off a point for each time that students forget to add a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and taking off a point for when they miss a period at the end of a sentence in their writing.

* Chaperones that were selected from the rifle to come to Casa Mañana:

Blue Group (Mrs Calta): Adriana (Margarita's mom) and Chasity L. (Abby L's mom)

Green Group (Mrs Barnett): Jennifer (Sophia's mom) and Katie M. (Brooks' mom)

* For English spelling words: The Words Their Way spelling lists, students should log onto

Spelling City to practice their words. They will use this link to access Spelling City:

* If you are considering sending birthday snack for the class remember that it has to be peanut free.

* Our web sites: Mss. Barnett at Mrs. Calta at You can find some extra information about the teachers, academic support games and pretty soon pictures from the class.

Suggestions for improving Spanish Vocabulary at home

o Read Easy Spanish book of your choice.

o Spend some time on my web for fun activities in Spanish:

o Watch cartoons and movies in Spanish.

Scholastic BOOKS!!

Please remember to use our code: NDWDZ or find my name under teachers at Wellington: Neitheva Calta when buying Scholastic books. We are in great need of more Spanish books for our class.


1. (toad)

2. ..............borrador (eraser)

3. ..............muchacho (a) (boy/girl)

4. .............. mirar (to see)

5. .............. rama (branch)

6. ..............cero (the number zero)

7. ..............lavarse (to wash)

8. .............. subir (to climb)

9............... volar (to fly)

10.............. padre (father)

For words in English/Spanish:

* Practice the words for test next test.

* Remember to write your words with lower cases.

* Every word is worth 10 points. If the word is spelled correctly and all the letters are right.

* The use off upper cases will be worth 1 point off your total grade.

* A missing or misplaced accent in Spanish words are considered a mistake.

Spanish Immersion Parent Collaborative 2015-2016

Dates ....................Times

March 17 ...............9:00 AM/ 6:30 PM

May 12 ...................9:00 AM/ 6:30 PM

Adress for the meetings:

400 West Main Street

Lewisville, TX