My Child Development Project

By: Ellie Reznicek

Educational and Safe Toys

A safe and educational toy that I have chosen is the Laugh and Learn Puppy, as seen in the picture to the right. This is a stuffed electronic puppy that teaches the baby. As the child grows up, the puppy will teach the baby more complex things than it previously taught before. The company that produces this toy calls it the Laugh and Learn "Smart Stages" puppy. When the child presses down on the tummy, feet, or paws, it can teach the child about those parts of the puppies body. Also, it can teach the child the A B Cs or its counting skills, but very basic. It also plays songs and silly phrases.

Smart Stages™ Technology
Level 1 – Explore – 6M+
First words and sounds spark baby’s curiosity
Level 2 - Encourage – 12M+
Prompt baby through questions and simple directions
Level 3 – Pretend – 18M+
Imaginative fun and early role play

This toy includes...
• 50+ sing-along songs, tunes & phrases
• Paws, tummy, ears and light-up heart respond to baby’s touch
• Includes Smart Stages™ technology—learning changes as baby grows with 3 levels of play!
• Introduces body parts, letters, colors, counting and more!
• Helps develop sensory and fine motor skills


In the link, there is also a video that shows more information about the Learn and Laugh puppy.

Children's Lierature

Below is a link to a story I wrote to kids on different ways to stay safe. In total, it's 6 pages, and easy to read sentences. The pictures are easy to understand, and the child learns important lessons as the book is either read to them or they read it themselves.