Read Across America

March 2, 2016 - Dr. Seuss' Birthday!!!

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Since 1998, schools and communities have found ways to encourage readers of ALL ages to celebrate reading on March 2nd. We hold pep rallies for football games, why not for reading? Reading can be celebrated every day, 365 days a year. Just do it!

Go to NEA website for more information.

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Promotion Ideas:

  • Day-long Read-In - in EVERY classroom
  • Invite guest readers - your mayor, your principal, policemen, radio personalities, Blazers, Timbers, grandmothers, local authors...
  • Birthday cake for all - thanks, Dr. Seuss!
  • Create a poster about why reading is important to YOU
  • Create a poster about the book that changed your life
  • Classroom door decoration contests
  • Wear a Dr. Seuss hat to show your Reader Pride