Different Light Bulbs



Do you know how the light bulbs changed the past few centuries? Do you know how halogen light bulbs work ? Well, if you didn't, you will know now.

Incandescen Light Bulb

The incandescent light bulb which was the first type of light bulb was invented by Thomas Alva Edison and his team in 1879 at Menlo Park. The light bulb Thomas Alva Edison patented had a carbon filament. But in 1904 Hungarian Sandro Just and Croatian Franjo Hanaman patented a tungsten filament that lasted longer and gave brighter light than the carbon filament. When you turn on the switch, the electricity flows through the wire and into the cap and through the supporting wires and in the filament. The tungsten filament heats up to 260ºC. It is heated to a very hot temperature that the filament turns white and gives off light.

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Halogen Light Bulb

The halogen light bulb was invented just after the incandescent light bulb in 1882.The halogen light bulb is very similar to the incandescent light bulb. But inside the bulb there is the halogen gas and instead of glass bulb it has a quartz envelope. The bulb is also hotter. The halogen light bulb works for 750-1,000 hours.

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CFLs and LEDs

The light bulbs have changed and been improved in the last centuries. When your incandescent light bulbs burn out. Go to a shop by some CFLs and LEDs for your light bulb socket. Remember, they migth be more expensive but they are long lasting, efficient, and enviromental friendly light bulbs.

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